Friday, December 31, 2010

GoodBye Memorable 2010

I say "where did the past year go"?  My 50th New Year has been momentous!  It is a new stage of life.

I do say Good-bye, embracing change sadly eagerly.  Of course 2010 events, are in my blog.

I am too blessed to be stressed.....I look forward to 2011 with anticipation!

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Faith - WFW

Internet Cafe Devotions
I feel this way at times??

Monday, December 27, 2010

Wheelchair Ice Skating

I had no intention of ice skating.  We were leaving our family Christmas at Oma's house, it was snowing for a while.

My daughter was walking in front of me, when hubs said "you better move, she will knock you down".  She did move fortunately.

I started down small incline slowly, carefully.  Soon I was gliding on ice,  into a parked Mustang (no damage).  It startled us all,  I eased my way to the van, just fine.

We drove home slowly, with no ice on the road.  We had a rare "White Christmas" for Atlanta. 

We can all drift, unintentionally, with our lives.  Be careful!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

From My Family to Yours...

This is my virtual Christmas card, to all my net friends!  Well, just a picture of my family!
This Christmas, we have an addition to the family.  He is Donni, our horse dog and a furry  grandkid!

Merry Christmas!

ps.  No DSL  a  few  days for me, next week.    Hoping AT&T will get it back before  Dec 23rd????

Friday, December 17, 2010

Photos Then and Now

2011 our kids grew up

20 years ago

My Hubs had a great ideal for his Mothers Christmas present....

to have all her grandchildren re-pose a photo from 20 years ago.
 they set in the same order

these two photos were a hit with 
'Oma' (which means Grandmother in German)

  Where did the time go?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Beaming with Pride for My Daughter!

She graduated with honors from college!  I have an accountant as my little girl.   I smile when I say this since  she is a beautiful young woman.

I have said to her "take it easy" so much but she kept pushing herself.   She does have a work ethic that amazes all of us.

She worked part-time while going to college full time. She graduated with honors in December!

She dreamed of an internship after college with a famous large company.  She starts that job soon.

She will start grad school for her Master's Degree next year. 

We have had 2 parties of celebrations of my 2 kids in 2 weeks.   I  have a "good exhaustion".

I was challenged with MS but I did my best.....We all do our best when raising our children.

I do Love my children more than I can express!...below are a few pics of her study abroad adventure!
Study Abroad
Swiss Alps

Friday, December 10, 2010

Wheelchair Rushing to The Mailbox

We got a letter from Boot Camp!  Ok, it was a form letter from my son but at least we have an address!

I wrote back asap, had to get the letter in the mail same day.  I want him to have a letter to read on Sunday.

I rushed out to the van speeding with my power chair.  Let out the lift then loaded up to get inside the van.

I raise the ramp into the van and help the door shut (it needs help).  I now climb into the drivers seat to drive with hand-controls to the mailbox (a long driveway).....

Whew, the mail had not come yet!

As I drive back to the house here goes the routine again.   I then climb back into my chair, holding on with a death grip constantly (I do not want to fall).......

Again I let the lift out to unload.  Then I raise it back up and shut the door of van. 

Now time to drive back into the warm house to do many other chores of life.

Just giving the boring details of a trip to the mailbox with a wheelchair.   I wanted to make sure my son has a letter (almost a Christmas story).

This is just a moment of the day and not for pity.  Just keepin it real, life with challenges.  

This is what any Mom would do for her son!  All would do this even if challenged!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Unique Christmas Trees

tree twirls therefore a blurry pic
This year my family put up this beautiful Christmas tree for me.

decorations are not important to me....
all the lights are nice to look at

Flashback to last year.   This plant was fine with me, really!

I rolled this plant across the room, 
added a few ornaments and 
voila, a tree! 

You can decorate anything...
it makes the place feel more festive. 

Monday, December 6, 2010

Why Worry?

original post 12/6/10

I could not imagine this view even existed in the metro woods.  God could....I have been blessed to look at this view for 8 years now.

During Church as I was worrying about jobs, money, kids, dog hmm.... was listening to the sermon.

God helped me to realize.....we have lost jobs big deal to Him.

11. For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. 12. They shall bear thee up in [their] hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.

Friday, December 3, 2010

A Life Changing Christmas Card

Geraldine sent a Christmas card home to her family.  We had given the homeless cards to send to their families. 

After  mailing them,  her brother got in touch with our church. He inquired, how can I find my sister?

He quickly flew here to go with us to Atlanta.  He hoped to find her at the ministry house.

She was there as usual, her face lite up when he walked in.  She was happy to go home to her kids and family.

She also needed a friend to help her find her way home.

One real Christmas Card, changed a life.  Small actions can be life changing.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Crying, Pride and Hope

Son & Horse Dog

We had a celebration weekend of non-stop events with my son.  He left for the Marine Boot Camp today.

I now cry over all his mess stuff that is here in our home.  I did get 5 hours of sleep before waking to tears again.

This is no comparison to death but I do have a heart ache.  I have hope and pride both.  
I am learning to have more compassion, more feelings for our Military!  

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Memories

This is such an ordinary pic of Thanksgiving Day.   Son did pose with his Grandfather, as others are talking distracted!

We had a wonderful dinner with family (a bit sad)..... since my son is leaving soon for Boot Camp.

These are memories to keep.  Fortunately we have ability to photograph our memories, before we forget them!

As I look back at Thanksgiving's of the past.  I do miss the one's who have passed on.  Enjoy your family,  while you appreciate them now.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Taking the time to express our gratitude

Having a joyful and thankful attitude

Admitting thankfulness for blessings received

Needing to acknowledge what we have believed

Keeping minds focused on God as we pray

Seeking to be grateful to God every day

Gaining in knowledge of spirit and mind

Imitating Christ in being loving and kind

Voicing our worship with songs we raise

Improving in offering grateful praise

Naming Christ the Lord as our Savior & King

Giving thanks and praise to God for everything

            © Connie Arnold, 2010
Inspirational Poetry Home

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Laughing and Crying Feelings

Since it is one week until my son goes to Marine Boot Camp (plans are made).   The grief is beginning for me....
I keep reminding myself that he will be better off in the long run.  Moms do want the best for their children.

We have a full week ahead with Thanksgiving, going away party, cleaning house and travel.  I will be laughing with family and crying in my heart as I worry about my son.

We have improved communications however but not Boot Camp! We can only do hand-written letters???

Many Moms have gone down this road before me.  I know it will be for his best, many men tell me!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Pain and Stretching My Legs

Jer 15:18

Why is my pain perpetual, and my wound incurable,

Pain does seem to be part of life with many people sometimes.

Recently I have had leg spasms, they actually elevate my legs upwards while sitting or sleeping. (worse than a charlie horse)

It was painful enough that I sought help at The Shepherd Center in Atlanta.  I had to go out of my comfort zone....

They advised to try stretching my quads in the leg while laying on the bed since I cannot stand. 
Stretching my leg muscles has relieved the pain some.   The pain of stretching is momentary to help the longer term pain, daily.

Spiritually, we need to stretch our lives out to others.   I personally believe it will help the daily pain....

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Secret of Beauty

photo © Gary Strader

 Beauty is one of many good things
that God so freely gives,
surrounding us in this beautiful world
in which each of us lives.
We don’t always see the beauty,
life’s problems can cloud the mind,
but the beauty is always present,
ready for us to find.

God’s love also is ever present,
surrounding us each day,
and although we sometimes are unaware,
that love never fades away.
The secret to seeing the beauty
and God’s love that is everywhere
is to make ourselves present to God
through worship, thanksgiving and prayer.

© Connie Arnold,  2010   

I am observing the beauty around me, as the seasons change!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


I found a scorpion in our house, took my time about spraying it with bug spray.  It almost got away, and they sting!

I told hubs, I am insane.  If it had been a harmless ugly spider?  I would have rushed with heart racing, to see it's demise!

Let Our Light Shine is a new blog friend.  She did a post for me, about a fear of spiders. Read here to see her enlightening post of fears exposed.

"I sought the Lord, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears. Those who look to him are radiant..." Psalm34:4

I realized this fear makes no sense.   (This will be my last post about spiders.)  Ponder your fears again, to overcome them!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Veteran's Day Past/Present

Hubs saw this sign while in the Navy in the early 1980's.   Our young people were shocked at this attitude, when hubs told them this.

Fortunately society has a different attitude toward Veterans now!  Our Veterans deserve the utmost respect.  They give of themselves to allow us freedom.

A few decades later they receive respect.   This is a case of attitudes do get better, with time....

We had a wonderful day with our 2 fabulous kids.  A day of fun eating at nice Restaurants.   Sam's Club gave him a Hugo folding cane  (I hope to use it someday, maybe)

Time spent with family is enjoyed by me all.   Attitudes can change!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Remembering Scott Ledford

One year ago today, he went to Heaven.  All were in shock since he was a healthy 43 year old man.

Aneurysms are never expected.  Life is unpredictable.

This photo is the way I remember my cousin.  I talk to his Mom often, no words can describe her pain...

This subject does not go with the title of my blog, but I want to remember him today??

Many situations in life, we will not understand.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Flashback, Georgia Mountains

Fond Memories here.  Thanks to Sherry, whom I grew up with.  She shared these photos with me, they do remind me of home
National Forrest

God's painting

Jacks River

Photogenic Eye

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

When it looks bad-Remember Eunice

Eunice, what a story of a friend.  She was an alcoholic, almost homeless a long time ago.

She found the Lord, then began to help others that were homeless.  "I could have been on the streets", was her saying.

She went the extra mile to help everyone.  She took some to Church, cooked etc. 

Unfortunately Eunice's job ended, then she lost her home.  This happened years before the recession.  We all tried to help her.

As troubles continued, Eunice had a knee replacement because of pain. She had to stay in a Nursing Home for 2 years with complications.

Doctors had to amputate her leg from the knee down.  Eunice is now recovering again.

Every time I call her now, she says baby I will be ok.   I am doing better now.

A case of when it seems bad, it could be worse. 

Why?  We do not understand it.  We all pray for her, prayer is all she wants.

Monday, November 1, 2010

I have beenTagged.....

Wanda at The Watered Soul   tagged me.

Here’s the fun questions:
  1. What is your favorite season?  Spring
  2. What phrase do you find yourself saying like your parents, although you thought you’d never be caught repeating such words? Because I said So
  3. What was your first Christmas gift that you received? 1965 Barbie Doll
  4. Which are you more likely to do: sing karaoke, bungee jump, or speak to a large crowd? Bungee Jump haha!
  5. When driving do you go the speed limit, just a wee bit over the limit, or make sure you just a little bit under the speed limit?Younger-a bit over, now a bit-under
  6. Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give to your younger self? Relax, enjoy life!
  7. Besides the Bible, what book has had a great impact on your life? 90 Minutes in Heaven
  8. What’s something you would include on your bucket list? See Grand Canyon 

Friday, October 29, 2010

What You Fear....

Can drive you CRAZY!  These daddy long leg spiders are everywhere I go.

This one was riding along outside the window, of my van.  I got out the camera since it was so ridiculous.

Everyone laughs at how many of these "Granddaddy Spiders" hang out at my house.

This fear has been tormenting me for 40 years.  It is a mountain, that I need to conquer.

There is a mountain for most of us to get around.  Most trials are tougher than a fear of spiders!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

3 Hours with Nate Adventures

I kept my toddler nephew alone Monday.  Hubs came home briefly but was locked out.

He was knocking on the door as I changed a messy diaper.   Nate was also playing with phone.

At least phone was on speaker when an operator said, "Can I help you?"  I got the phone, said I have wrong number.

I finished with diaper, then pulled up to get in my chair, to open the door for hubs.

Later while feeding Nate a PBJ sandwich, I let him play with my chairs controller.  He loves to blow the horn (which bugs the horse dog with muzzle on)

My chair will not move, I panicked and call my son.  He is locked out also, (have to keep Nate from going outside).  My son said, can you crawl to the door?

I kept on pushing buttons on the controller.  I was so relieved when I found out how Nate killed my power.

When I threw put him in playpen to take his nap, I took a nap also.

Just a few adventures of keeping a toddler alone!

I still wonder, how did I raise my 2 kids.  I guess I was younger??

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Listen to the Small Still Voice

I felt an importance to visit my Great Aunt Bon.  A few days later hubs and I went on impulse to her house.

I loved hearing the stories of life from an 84 year old relative.  She has a wonderful sense of humor!

Less than week later, she was taken to the hospital and admitted into ICU for a few days.

Fortunately she gets to come home soon but she does have health issues.

I have regret now that I did not visit her more often through the years. 

This has taught me another lesson again.  We need to Listen to that impression to do something good.

It could be life changing....

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Autumn Transformation

photo © Gary Strader

As autumn returns once the summer is past,
A transformation begins on each tree.
Slanting shadows by the sun are cast,
And the sun’s not as hot as it used to be.
Sunset seems to arrive rather fast.
The changes soon are obvious to see.

The colors of leaves beginning to die
Are like paint drops shaken all around.
The autumn wind that passes by
Sends them tumbling to the ground.
In muted yellow and brown piles they lie,
Then swirl in the breeze with a rustling sound.

Crumbling and settling into the earth,
They peacefully, calmly let their lives go,
But this death is only a part of life’s flow;
Once winter’s sleep ends, it’s a time of rebirth.

Like these leaves that end in a blaze of glory
We experience a rebirth too.
Death is a part of life, it is true,
But praise God, not the end of the story!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

What a Small World

"This cannot be, Wiley is my brother".  I went on to work, later called Dad to tell him this story.

I was driving to work, needing gas so I stopped at Buster and Crickets Store.

Nice lady came out, said "I notice your tag is from Fannin County,  I was raised there". (100 miles away)

Who do you know there?  I tell her, my Father is Pratt and Grandfather is Wiley. (her brother in 14 kid family)

This happened almost 30 years ago.  I was so shy, I never went back to get to know my Great Aunt Cricket.  I would if, I could do it over again.

As I type this story, it is still hard to believe it.  Coincidence or what?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Hang In There.....

This is what I should remember as it gets more stressful.

As the sink clogs up majorly, health insurance cancels family after 22 years, van (not truck) dies, IRS sends a bill, money flying out the winder (window).
Ok I could write a country music song with my troubles.

Now the praise:  I still have great kids, house, and hubs and I are closer. The clunker van finally gets a tag.

The great is still: I am walking, standing, balancing  again!

Monday, October 11, 2010

I Pressure Wash My Teeth

Well it is a water pic for my teeth.  I have been around hubs too long, to think of it as a pressure washer.

I have been blessed with insurance and a great dentist office.

During my life....we learned to keep our teeth with care.....rather than pull them and get false teeth.

Again be thankful for the simple things.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Homeless and Money?

We have fond memories of Melvin, during our homeless ministry.  He was very kind and helpful to us.

He told us that someone gave him $20.  I said "Melvin, what did you do with the money?"

He laughed and said "of course I went straight to the liquor store".  I replied "No Melvin, you did not".

He said, "I had to!"  We learned real fast Not to give the homeless money.  He appreciated our food and loved our ministry.

Melvin got off the streets to work in a ministry, we heard.   

Where they are now we trust it to the Lord.

If you want  to give money, I suggest you give it to a ministry that works with them.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Give Satan 2 Inches.....

He will rush right in!  We know this, but it has happened to me literally the past few days.

I opened the door 2" to let the dog out, and a Spider (Daddy Long Legs) rushed in, knocked down my door for two nights.  Son was my protector last night, He caught one, trying for a 3rd night.

I rush to pull out my shield of faith (bug spray).   He met his demise!

I do try to think spiritually, as life happens to me.

My family knows my phobia with these spiders, exposure to them almost daily has helped me to get better.

Do not give satan a few inches, we know the rest of the story....

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Enjoy The Ride.....

 R J
We (Hubs & I) were going to the store, usual trip.   I was thinking of the best route to take, to get to our destination.

I thought let hubs decide, since he was driving.  He wants to, without my 2 cents worth!

I began to think of the ride spiritually.  I should let the Lord, make the decisions of which route I should take, on my journey.

We do have to make some decisions, but sit back and enjoy the ride home!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Mom's Rose

A rose to encourage me, during these tough days.

We were surprised to see a rose  blooming this weekend that Mom planted, many years ago.

I think it is late in the year, to see a rose blooming among mimosa's.

It gives me a glimpse of hope.  When the bills are due, not feeling great, stress overflowing, etc.

I do try to see the hope of life.  I was feeling tearful earlier, but it all worked out.  I made a few phone calls, lowered some monthly payments!

I was reminded to take it One day at a time.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Homeless began Ministries...

Dee and John,  moved into an apartment.  They were alcoholics, maybe other problems, lived homeless a long time.  They got a job and testified to many.

This is continuing my series of the homeless ministry memories, of a few people.

Pappy at the bridge, also an alcoholic, etc. after years of living  under the bridge.  He moved and started a ministry.   He was so kind.

God uses several different ministries, in combination to help His needy ones.   Looking back it was well orchestrated by Him.

They listened to the messages and found Jesus.  That is life changing, by itself!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Unemployed Positive Thoughts....

It is hard to think positive when unemployed.   I have been pondering this lately.

Hubs being home has helped us to reconnect our marriage, as we head into the empty-nest stage.

I am thankful for the "Us" time.

we have become friends again, laughing more.  We started reading devotions at night which always helps.


Friday, September 24, 2010

Clunker Vans

The day started as a normal day when hubs saw a van on the net..... We rushed to see this affordable van since our van appears dead again.

we head on a 300 mile journey to look at this clunker van.
It was fine for less than $2000.    We do hope it will run a long time.

but as I update this post...the van has lasted 3 years!
original date: 9-24-2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

Dad & Nate a few months ago

Dad is 72!   I appreciate a Dad that worked hard all his life.   They raised 5 girls, so it was a tough fun life.

He celebrated by canning 15 jars of kraut.  Dad enjoys canning kraut.

I want to appreciate my Dad today.  He did his best, it shows.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Memories of our Handicap Family....

When it appears weird, sometimes there is a story behind it.

Here I go out in a power chair with kids on crutches, to the store etc.  We were a strange nice looking family.  Hubs is a big burly man, with his incapacitated  family.

Our daughter had to have knee surgery at 16.  Her knee cap kept dislocating for no reason. 

While she was on crutches, our son 13, broke his leg.  He slipped on a skateboard.  We did not take him to the doc til later, assuming it was a sprain.

It was a difficult time, going to doctors, hospitals, etc.  I kept doing life stuff of a Mom.

Thankfully the school bus driver would call me, to pick up my son on crutches.  We did have help from kind people, such as Pauline (another story)

I am sharing some memories, to help us not to forget!  This is one of those times when, "this too shall pass".

Friday, September 17, 2010

Out-House Flashback

Our fancy out-house had running water.  It was built over a creek.    Ewww, we think now but had no choice back then.

I do remember going to the outhouse as a restroom when I was 5 years old.

My Mom took my sister and I.  We did not want to go alone in the woods.

We lacked indoor plumbing in the early days of the 1960's.  We lived with the bare necessities.

Those were happy days for us kids.  We did not need the finery of life that we take for granted now.

Now I turn on the running water, sometimes it is even hot water!

This reminds me of how Blessed I am... 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

These Shoes are made for Walking

I show these shoes, embarrassed by their looks, but they are Converse...Ok, I used blood money to pay for them.

My daughter took me shoe shopping.  It began to be like fitting Cinderella.

We were so happy to finally find a pair that fit my brace.  They will be for all occasions, even Church!

I gave 9 tubes of blood to research at Shepherds MS Accelerated Cure Project.  I received $50 and bought these shoes.  I smile at this.

I would give to research, for free.  We all strive for a cure of MS...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

You are Never too old....

to help others.  Lorene Conn made 200 sandwiches each week for the homeless.

I am continuing my beloved homeless memories about Lorene Conn.
She would bring them to our church weekly.   We would pass them out to the homeless when we went to Atlanta.

She made her last sandwiches, laid down to rest.  God decided her work was done. She passed away, all who knew her grieved.

The fruits of her labor were still eaten.    She is one of those, who will be remembered.  She had a long full life.

I do want these fond memories written down, before we forget them.

Make your life a blessing to others.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Tough Love around the Gym

Ok, around a small gym at Shepherd Center in Atlanta.  I said to my Physical Therapist, I cannot walk that far.  I became suspicious when I saw others walking around it.
She had me do some test walks.  After those, I started the 6 minute test with a stop watch. (with a walker)

I went around the Gym, 293 feet in 6 minutes!  I was so surprised that I could go around a  gym floor!  It seemed humongous.

This finishes my tough love series of Pain and Torture...I smile as I type this!

Make the effort, to do the impossible with your life.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Helping Hand is Smacked...

My hubs reached down to help me up during Physical Therapy.  I reached up to take his hand automatically but she Smacked his hand.

She said, "No let her get up by herself".  She said it nicely.  It is part of PT training for me.

I had taken it for granted of his helping hand.  He automatically reached down for me and I automatically reached up for his hand.

A lesson for me is that I should not to take hubs for granted!  He laughs about getting smacked for trying to help me up.

A spiritual lesson applies here also.  We are blessed to have a helping hand reach down for us also.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Laborless Day

I do enjoy spending time with family and friends.  It seems like I repeat that too often.

I regret not spending more time with the ones that have passed away.

Of course they can get on your nerves challenge your patience!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Sweet P's Friday

Tea With Tiffany

I Love this idea of Prayers, Petition, Praise!

I do like to be thankful and I still have some hope for my van.  It still seems hopeless but we keep trying.  Dodge is going to look at it again.

I am Very happy to get a brace to help me walk for my ankle.  If the van dies then I will hope for new and better adventures of walking.

My prayer request is to walk better.  I Always pray for my kids.  My husband needs a job.  It could be worse, right?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Van appears Dead!

It seems to be, after 4 mechanics diagnosed it.  Your van is DEAD needs too many repairs.   I am about to believe them.

I am looking for a clunker SUV, that I hope to put a hoist in for my chair.  It would take much more walking.

That is the million dollar question, Can I do more walking?  I have been preparing more to walk, by exercising etc.

I would love to do this, if my body would agree.

I am fond of my van, however it has been in the shop more this year, than with me.

So maybe I should face the facts, and try to walk more.  Shoot for the stars!

Monday, August 30, 2010

A Designed Body having Leg Spasms

I learned something new at Shepherd MS Clinic....duh...every part of the body works together!

While suffering with leg spasms for a year or so and taking more meds, exercising, etc.  They told me to try watching the digestive system.  It can effect the leg spasms. 

The basic rules, when filling with liquid it needs to travel on it's way out.  I have been watching this more carefully and it has helped my leg spasms some.

When disease or age effects the perfection, I guess we learn to adjust.   There is also aides to help the damaged parts of the body.

Did I ever wonder that God had not designed our bodies to work perfectly? Nah....

My opinion spiritually, I believe His body has been designed to work together also.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Finding Sam....

His large family had been searching for him, many times in Atlanta.  They were so happy to find Sam after years of searching.

He was driving a truck and became ill.  Since he did not know how to get home he became homeless.

When we were going to feed, minister, clothe the homeless in Atlanta we met Sam. 

After time we became acquainted with Sam.  We realized he was a sincere hard worker.

Our Pastor began to trust him (cautiously).  They had him live on their farm in a camper (with caution).  He attended Church with them and worked with our Pastor Carson.

We learned more about his family as time went by.   I googled and found his sister.  He was happy to call her.

They arranged to come after him after so many years of searching.  He lives back home with his family for years now.   He still calls our pastor.

I was reminded of Sam, when we went by a homeless guy.  I think it is so sad, when some are just challenged.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Glass Half Full....Guest Post...

Guest Post from Michael B. Gerber over at Perspective Is Everything. 
 I love his blog and attitude, read this and you will agree.....

We have all heard it a thousand times. It is actually a great metaphor for how one views a situation or the world around them. The problem with this metaphor is that it doesn’t tell the whole story. How do I know this to be true? Because my ‘glass’ is neither half full, nor half empty.

As I have mentioned before, living with a disability has taught me a great deal about gratitude and perspective. I have also learned that I am blessed with a pretty good attitude. In fact, sometimes I will say things that even surprise me. One of those “things” has to do with the glass.
Someone once told me that I always see the glass as being half full. This was my reply: “My glass isn’t half full. My glass is over-flowing. My glass is “HAVE” full.” The fact is that seeing the glass as over-flowing is easy to do when you have the right perspective. The way that I see it, my life is filled with blessings and miracles, more than I could ever count during the course of a day or a lifetime. My glass is truly over-flowing.

Not long ago, I was introduced to Mitchell who is truly a great man. He has been in a motorcycle crash and an airplane crash and lives to tell about it. He is paralyzed from the waist down, suffered third degree burns over 65% of his body and has no fingers left on his hands. He often says "Before I was paralyzed there were 10,000 things I could do; now there are 9,000. I can either dwell on the 1,000 I've lost or focus on the 9,000 I have left." ( This is a man who sees his glass as over-flowing.

What has he got? Perspective. The kind of perspective that is shaped by gratitude. The kind of gratitude that comes from experience. Our perspective affects the choices we make every minute of every day. Mitchell chooses to see his glass as over-flowing. So do I.

What is in your glass? What choices have you made and what choices will you make tomorrow? Will your glass be half empty or half full? My hope is that your glass will be over-flowing.

Written by Michael B. Gerber, to read more of Michael's blog go to Perspective Is Everything

Friday, August 20, 2010

Pulled from a bath tub

The nurses came to my home to help me with bathing.   They literally had to pull me out of the bath tub.

It is a horrible feeling when one cannot take care of ones personal hygiene.

I could not stand and was falling down often.  I was feeling like a wet noodle!

I sometimes had to have help with pulling up my pants as I tried to hold on and not fall.

To make things worse, I also became allergic to ACTH IV's.  It was the only meds they had back in the 1980-1990's.

Perfect timing for me.  The Betaseron injections came out!  There was a lottery to receive these new meds.  We were so thrilled.

These new meds have been a life saver for me.  I give God the credit behind the research personally.

When it looks dismal do not give up.  Keep Hoping!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thankful for New Shoes.....

I am Thankful for needing a new pair of shoes!  When you ride, you never wear out shoes.

I need the ankle support.  It is a wonderful feeling to need shoes to walk with.

I know yall get tired of reading about my shoes.  It is a new stage of my life again.

Be Thankful for small stuff!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Think Myself Happy

Acts 26:2 Paul said this, as he started his defense before King Agrippa.  Surely we can say this, during our troubles today.

While visiting Weezers Haven,  I copied this verse. She has a wonderful blog. She gave me this award also!

I cannot pass it on, to all the ladies who deserve it....Shhh, you can take it.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Reasons Not To Go To Church

If you took the same excuses that people use for not going to Church, apply them to other important areas of life you would realize how inconsistent we can be, For example:

 Reasons Not To Wash:

1.  I was forced to as a child.
2.  People who make soap are only after your money.
3.  I wash on special occasions like Christmas and Easter. 
4.  People who wash are hypocrites - They Think they are cleaner than everyone else.
‎5.  There are so many different kinds of soap, I can't decide which one is best.
6.  I used to wash, but it got boring so I stopped. 
7.  None of my friends wash
8.  The bathroom is never warm enough in the winter or cool enough in the summer. 
9.   I'll start washing when I get older and dirtier. 
10. I can't spare the time

Saw this on the net, just thought it ironically made sense....

Friday, August 13, 2010

Pain and Torture

Well it was Physical Therapy.  I went to Atlanta, Shepherd Center.  They have extensive PT.

I saw firsthand again, it can be worse than I.  Many have a long road ahead of them.

I came home to a lunch, cooked by my grown kids. Deliciously surprised by them.  (they do grow up fast)

I did not do my exercises, she instructed me to do.  I was tired, the same excuse everyone has! Another day....

I suppose life does require some Pain and Torture!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Armadillo Nights....

We lost a nights sleep since our dogs, were so upset.  Our horse dog, kept whining and gruffing from 12-3 am.

I let him out at 3, he heard the dogs in the fence, so upset.  Then at 4 am, son goes out to investigate.

He saw a frightened Armadillo, hiding from the dogs barking.  It was safe, since the dogs were in the fence.  Even the horse dog, is all about barking.

I thought there was no point to this story.

I can see us spiritually hiding, and yet we are safe and protected.  Spiritually a fence is holding back the enemy.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Seeing God....

Photos by Gary Strader

Seeing God

How can anyone not see God
in the beauty spread all around,
from the azure sky and mountain high,
to flowers covering the ground,
as everywhere that you may look,
evidence of God’s splendor is found?

How can anyone not see God
in a beautiful butterfly’s wing,
the leaves in fall, vibrant colors on all,
in new life returning in spring,
as everywhere you see displayed
the Creator’s touch on everything?

How can anyone not see God
in a tiny newborn’s eyes,
in the evidence of a parent’s love,
soothing the baby’s cries,
as everywhere after night is done,
another day glows with a new sunrise?

How can anyone not see God
in uniqueness of each face,
from young to old, from gentle to bold,
of every color and race,
as everywhere evidence is seen
of God’s mercy, love and grace?
From: Abundant Comfort and Grace by Connie Arnold

Connie's Husband holding

If you visit my blog, you know how much I love her poems.  Connie has a new book!  Abundant Comfort and Grace   Beautiful, spiritual poems.

Please leave a comment to be entered in two drawings, one for a copy of Connie's first book, Beautiful Moments of Joy and Peace, and one for a $10 Amazon gift certificate.
There will also be a drawing for a $25 Amazon gift certificate from those purchasing a signed copy of Abundant Comfort and Grace from Connie's website, or online and contact Connie with confirmation of purchase at:

Join the tour tomorrow at: Reviews From The Heart

Friday, August 6, 2010

Hillbilly Laundry

My sisters pet chicken, Lucky, even helps her with laundry.

I love the Mountains but I tease her with "Hillbilly".  How many city folks have chickens for pets?

I thought it was so cute!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Waves Wednesday

Life seems to be this way.  Everything will come and go, like the waves of the sea.

Photo by my sister Teresa, of the Atlantic Ocean.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Volunteering at School

I saw immediately, how our Teachers do need help.  She could not teach, and see all the mischief going on.

This was my sons first year of Public School.  I wanted to help him adjust.  I asked the school, how?

They said, help the teacher of 4th grade, a few hours a day.  Do not remember how many days.

She had me help with paperwork, listen to a child read, etc.  I was an witness to crime extra pair of eyes.

This was many years ago, volunteer rules are more strict.  I know schools still need an extra hand.

Friday, July 30, 2010

It could be worse....

When you complain about your job and work conditions.
It could be worse. 

This is the Lunch room, when my Dad worked.  The Copper Mines were 3000 ft under the surface.

They had several lunch rooms, in the mines.  Kinda fancy for that far down in the ground.

It could be worse, in most cases, of life.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I want to list a few stuff, that I am Thankful for:

1.  Standing while unloading the dishwasher.
2.  Van sputtering along for now.
3.  Husband that is working hard, in this heat for a few days.
4.  Horse dog, who wants to play ball, as I type this.
5.  Thankful that my Dad worked so hard in the Copper Mines.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Help Me To See.......

Help Me to See

Lord, help me to see
As I look around
Your presence with me
Waiting to be found.
Help me be aware
Of your gifts every day,
Seeking always to share
In some special way.
Give light to my eyes,
Put a smile on my face
As I recognize
The signs of your grace.
Lord, please guide my feet
To find my way through
Obstacles I may meet,
Showing me what to do.
Help me see good things
You’ve sent from above,
The blessings life brings,
The gift of your love.

Monday, July 26, 2010

A Journey

The past year has been a journey inside of me.  I can blame say that some of it was medication side effects.

I learned a lesson, about every tiny thought I had before.  "I would not do that", "I would not put up with that" etc.

We do get to face some situations, to walk a mile in someones shoes.  This teaches us have compassion, for others.

Faith Imagined explains this journey of the soul very well.

When I traveled this journey inwardly, outwardly I became better.  I walked more, the MS (Multiple Sclerosis), seems to be in remission.

God was and is always there to protect us.

I was taught outward appearances (not that I was that bad), can be deceiving.  Try not to Judge!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Flashback

When my son was 5, he decided, he was not wearing his seat belt.  I drove them, to school for years.

I should have seen, how he would be stubborn make his own path in life.

I was driving the van with hand controls then and now.

He would unbuckle,  I could not make him buckle up.

When we got home, after a few days, of his safety being compromised.

I sat in the van, made him buckle up 50 times.  We counted.  He has buckled up since.

Do you think our heavenly Father, could be thinking the same?   I am doing this for your safety.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

When Stung by a Stingray

This is my sister's story of toughness, since she was stung in the ocean while on vacation 

She visits the Doctor for a check-up a month later, in Tennessee.

She said, "I have a strange question that you have never heard".

The Doc says, "Oh I am sure, I have heard most".

My sister said "I was stung by a stingray while on vacation".

The Doc was surprised and said "That is one, I have not heard" since he is far from the ocean.

He told her, "you can have the barb removed by surgery or let it work its way out".

Of course, she says "I will let it work its way out".  The spiny barb can be seen under the skin of her ankle.

I would have it removed, of course.  I saw it a month later, since it was still in her ankle.

She is so tough and does things the old-fashioned way.  I tease her living like they did back in history.

We are blessed now with a health system, they did not have back in history....

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Marriage Seminar Weekend

Since we are heading into the boring growing old together stage of marriage after 25 years. 

We were surprised by this sudden invitation to a Marriage Seminar this weekend.

I believe God provided us a way to go to Marriage Seminar with Life Gate.  The National MS Society, Georgia Chapter  enabled us to go.

We spent 8 hours of training (yes it was a long day) to improve our relationship. 

We were taught how to connect during stressful times and also dealing with MS.

They showed us new ways to communicate better. 

It was a great help just talking about these subjects.

"I Feel like you are ignoring me, I Feel like you do not listen to me, I Feel like I need alone time" etc.

I Feel like this weekend was sent to us personally by God! 

When being married a long time we can forget how to communicate.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Half Full Friday

 I like this thought,  listing some thankfulness, each week.

1.  Walking again, with walker.
2.  My husband taking me to Atlanta Doctors, today.
3.  Van being worked on.
4.  Air conditioning during this heat.
5.  New helpful medicines.

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