Monday, August 26, 2013

Rainy Year in Georgia

We have been getting inches and inches of rain this year.....which I am Thankful for.

 So a few small trees have fallen on our driveway

I am not complaining either......just talking about the weather as if I have nothing else to talk about!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Dogs Meditation Time

I smiled at this photo since my horse dog looked like a kid sticking his tongue out at me...I was taking pictures of him during what I say is....
"His peace lily meditation time"

He walks under this peace lily very slowly several times a day.....and shuts his I figure it is calming for him??

I have been taking it easy also....
trying to learn a lesson from my horse dog.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Snake on my Deck

my horse dog was barking at the deck door.......I go to see what it is.......but when I saw a king snake...
it was way too close for comfort!

(I have a bad photo of it......but I wanted to keep a door between me and the snake)

hubs let the snake go......since king snakes kill poisonous snakes.

it was creepy but.......i reckon this is part of living life in the metro woods!

ps.  Thanks for the condolences for the loss of Dad.......
Dad would be sayin......oh that is a good snake......leave it alone.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

I Sure Miss My Dad

my Dad working in the copper mines

My sister was sleeping on the couch with Dad asleep in his hospital bed.....when she awoken at 4am to notice that Dads breathing was much quieter ....she went over to hold his hand for about 10 minutes until he drew his last breathe peacefully.  She said there was such an unusual feeling of peace in the room as he passed,


I spent the week before with Dad.....remembering a little humor of that week eases some of the grief.

First of all let me declare that I am the worst nurse ever!

I only took my walker to stay a week with when he wanted an egg and coffee at 2am....I cooked him an egg and rolled it over to him on my rolling walker.....he loved that!

Later Dad woke me at 5am when he was I rushed to give him his morphine 
but I forgot his water to wash it down with......
(he had said earlier that it tasted so bad that it could curl your toenails).
I finally found his cup of water but somehow I spilled some water on him in bed....I dabbed him dry....then I got his oxygen back on him....
we laughed when we realized it was on upside down!


Later in the week.......Dad was so tired of when he wanted to stand and stretch....I said "Dad hang on to my walker so you don't fall".....

he did but he took off walking with my walker....

so I grabbed his walker and chased him down with his walker since he was using my walker to get to the kitchen table...
we sure were a funny pair.....both of us using walkers.

Dad was such a character....I cannot put into words a lifetime of influences he had on me.

However, on July 23, 2013 this world has just lost a good man that will be greatly missed!

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