Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bad Grammar Excuses

I was not born with journalism talents.  I am still learning proper grammer (which I had to google to find out how it is spelled, Grammar).

I am blogging and trying to make sense when I have all these excuses not to:

1. I was raised in the Hills of hillbilly language
2. I sound out words wrong because I mispronounce them
3. English is a second language after I learned Country first
4. I have MS so I can have brain (cognitive) issues
5. Rurnt is not how to pronounce ruined. Just some of my history
6. Writing is hard work!

If I spent more time learning writing skills as I do making excuses.  Y'all know the answer to that is what you tell your kids, You would get it done!

Since I started blogging I have learned much more than writing skills.  I have fun with my blogging friends.

PS. After a few comments, I thank you!  I will stop comparing my abilities to other blogs.  A lesson for me: Do not compare yourself to others!

Monday, March 28, 2011

New Medication Trials for MS

I am sharing some hopeful research meds that I read about at the NMSS site. 

I have a painful thorn in my flesh with these spasms.  They are a daily pain I live with, so I anticipate this medication. 

I do not want to complain but research is going on behind the scenes.  We all deal with pain of some form in our lives.

Here is a bit of the article.....

“Multiple sclerosis (MS) patients urgently need more tolerable treatments for the painful and debilitating muscle spasms that many of them suffer, and we believe that VSN16R has the potential to meet that need, and enhance the quality of life for people living with MS”Spasticity 

Even at high doses, animals treated with of VSN16R did not show the limpness and muscle flaccidity, known as the “rag doll effect”, that is a characteristic of existing compounds.   To read more....

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Funny Guilt

This is the cute video  of how dogs can have guilt also.   Click here to watch the video
Sharing a smile from the net....
Funny how similar they are to us....

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Balance Questions

I asked "Are we sitting on a hill"?

Hubs said yes, "why does it matter"?

I replied, "I was trying to decide if we were parked on a slight hill, or was I having that vertigo MS stuff again".

This question has been running through my brain for most of my life. Fortunately my balance (vertigo with MS) has done fairly well.

Balance is so essential in our daily lives.  We are constantly having to balance jobs, chores, kids, spiritual life, computer time, etc

Life seems to be a balancing act.  I repeat, when balancing stuff do try to keep the right things at the top of the act!

Monday, March 21, 2011

I need A Guard Horse-Dog

We were in danger of a deer and just believe me, there is a deer in this picture.

I labeled it since it is just a brown spot in the photo.  Thankfully I have a guard watching that dangerous deer, I smile.

Hubs loves this horse-dog being near me for protection.  I feel safe even if I do not look strong in a wheelchair.

My dad said, "If I saw and then heard that dogs bark, I would not stay around to see how nice he is".

I have always felt secure since the Lord has protected me in so many instances!

I guess the Lord saw a need for a sweet horse-dog, not to mention companionship!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Melancholy Feelings

Big Mama, Big Daddy 1979

I have a mixture of feelings as my birthday approaches.  I am happy to celebrate with my loved ones, but I also miss the loved ones that have gone on.

I see value with these feelings to make me a whole person,  who feels love. 

Now with scanning, I want to remember these pictures of my earlier childhood.
1965 My family

Paw, Kim 1975

Thursday, March 17, 2011

What Does MS = to you?

Life with Rest Stops..... has been my life.

This is MS Awareness month! I would be amiss not to mention it on my blog.   Click here: MS =  to see a mixture of thoughts.

What does MS = to you.   I will add them to this list if you have any reflections:

1.  Life with Rest Stops
2.  Life with Challenges
3.  Life with speedbumps
4.  A Challenge but not a defeat
5.  Trusting in God
6.  Living each day to the fullest - Thanks Karen
7.  Keep moving forward in life, and when you do go backwards, start over going forward again as soon as possible...Thanks Betsy
8.  Life is a roller coaster , we have ups and downs.Thanks Jonathan

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Japan reminds us....

This time last week Japan was living their lives like normal.  They were going about daily life with no inkling it was about to change drastically, soon

I now look around my beautiful home and think "this is so temporary", it can be gone in an instant.   Of course, I know it is temporary but I need to be prompted occasionally.

I do not want to be depressing,  just sharing my reminder that earthly things are earthly!

Make your life count for non-material stuff.

ps. This scripture touched me on Grateful Heart's blog about the road being unsure.
Whether you turn to the right or the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, "This is the way; walk in it." ~ Isaiah 30:21 NIV

Monday, March 14, 2011

Support Networks are Needed

 As I reflect back on my life and Living with MS.  I want to Thank my family and friends for their support.

Since life is a balancing act, we all need help from each other.  Support Networks are usually friends that come in and out of your life, at the right time.  Recently I have net friends!

Of course my family has supported me since I star in a medical drama.  Their situations change with jobs, responsibilities, health, etc

We all need to support each other.  Maybe call a lonely person, this world has many people who need you.....

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Time Piece

I love my "one hour" glass clock!  I bought it years ago for it's uniqueness.  Just sharing this in honor of our Time changing today....

Friday, March 11, 2011

Job Blessings Abound

Hubs new job provided him  with uniforms that I am not Allowed to Launder!  They wash and treat their own uniforms. OK, I can live with that stipulation....

After 5 years of washing, drying, hanging up clothes for his former job, I am done.  That was one of the toughest chores that I dreaded did during the week.  Fortunately I could stand briefly to hang them up.

I am So happy with this small huge blessing for Me!  Hubs did not force me to wash his clothes but I like doing the laundry mostly.

When God blesses I am amazed still.  Actually every day that we live is a blessing....

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Unemployment Lessons for Me

I needed to remember this lesson of the Children of Israel receiving manna daily from God.  I felt like we were wondering in the land of unemployment. Thankfully this only lasted eight months for us since Hubs got a job!

I had to trust God for daily (manna) provisions for us after I had done everything I could to make money stretch.

I wanted to worry ponder about tomorrow, next months mortgage, heat, gas, etc.

I even learned this lesson with the Dead sputtering van.  I realized hubs cannot repair it anymore, I have to trust God.  How can this van drive to Parris Island SC and back?  It made it very well!

It is a daily trust (for manna) our needs when we want to store it up.  I still remind myself now when worry comes knocking.

I believe we should make wise plans for the future but our plans are just that, "our plans".

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mom of an Accountant and Marine

I do not take credit for their accomplishments but maybe I had something to do with it...

This is a picture of fun while my son is here briefly.  I stood (thankfully) in front of my wheelchair at Church, with my arms around my little kids young adults!

I guess it takes time to realize they are adults.  They are living their own busy lives to busy for Mom and Dad.

When they were young and life was hectic, I would think this stress will never end.  It did end since life kept moving on.

Now we have old age aches, empty-nest, money stresses.

I really do enjoy this time of life.  It has peaceful wisdom and so what if it is a little boring at times :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Your Choice Book Giveaway

The winner of my Book Giveaway is Ginny.  She left the most comments during February.

I still have a bookstore in my bedroom to giveaway another book for March.

 I had listed one case at my Amazon Bookstore .  Now it appears the other 29 cases are sold as a whole bookstore! 

A Book of your choice Giveaway for March  from my Amazon store to the one who:

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

You have Severe Arthritis

My left shoulder hurt with sharp pains so the Doctor had me get xrays.

The Results were "you have severe arthritis in the neck".  I asked...Why would they say Severe???

The nurse said, "it is not a mild or moderate amount of arthritis.  You have a lot of arthritis which is labeled as severe".

Now I need to start Physical Therapy whenever.  This is not a good time,  I am busy since my son is becoming a Marine.

Ok, I have a real pain in the neck.  I now have a name for my aches besides MS.

I get tired of being the drama queen for a Medical Drama.

Life is full of pain.  I guess we have no choice but to deal with it.
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