Why My Blog Name?

I never thought about being an MS blog when I thought of a name for a blog.  I just wanted to say that I was grateful for the life I was living.

My aunt Rene was bedridden with Rheumatoid Arthritis for 30 years.  So I was raised with her example of living a happy life despite her circumstances.......and she would have loved to get around like I do by using a wheelchair or walker.

Then in my own life with MS......I did not have any medication for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for the first 15 years after I was diagnosed 30 years ago.....I am thankful for all the treatments that are out now.    I dont think about what might have been after all it certainly could have been worse!


lovesports said...

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Anonymous said...

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Ellen said...

What an inspiration you are! Well, the body can be hit by anything... but the spirit -- it rises above everything. My prayers for more opportunities for your light to shine through and out to a world who has need of it.

Take care. God bless you and your family.


..and thank you too for dropping by my blog. Delighted! :-)

Zeyda said...

I just came across your Blog reasearching Baclofen pump and came across enjoyed reading it. I am going to have the pump surgery Aug.10I am having some major panic attacks (I am on happy pills) a.k.a Wellbutrin and still totally freaking out. I am a mom of twins (son/daughter)and was diagnosed with MS in 2004 when my kids were only 6mo.old. We moved here from So.California Aug 2004.The first thing I remember was waking up one morning and the left side of my body from my chest down to my feet was the numbing. I did'nt think anything except maybe I just slept weird. Well it never went away. I hate that sensation. I ended up going to Chiropractor , he thought maybe it was my Sciatic nerve from me caring twions. I am a small framed woman . After several appts I was'nt improving to me recomended me to see a Dr. I ended up doing tons of test and it showed nothing. The Dr referred me to Neorologist and an MRI showed MS. I thought at that time it was a death sentence. I remember calling my hubby at work and totally loosing it. I cried what seemed like months. I was given all this books/videos to watch on all the different meds out there. It was so overwelming. Well fast forward to kids in kindergarden 2009. Still walking but slight limp. It was'nt until end of 1rst grade I started walking with cane. By 3rd grade I was in a walker and spasticity was getting worse especially in my left leg. I thank God was able to drive still and get around . I was ALWAYS on the move. Kids sports, play dates shopping taking care of the house (Laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping etc.)the list goes on. Hubby used to get so upset when there were times dishes were piled up on counter, house messy..you get it. I started on Avonex , the Rebif. Had a bad MS flare-up then they put me on Tysabri in June 2013 until May 2014.I was doing great until the test they do once a year showed positive. I think its called JC virus ?? So switched again to Tecfidera . Sorry getting side tracked..ayways been on Baccfen 20's 4 times a day , did Botox ( Didnt work , steroids nothing. So this is my last hope. The spasticity is so very pain . I dont want to pop pain pills several times a day so I can just do simple things I used to do. All I want is to be able to do the simple thing and enjoy life with my family (kids/hubby)I really pray this works. I know I'll never walk normal but can I at least go back to using a cane. Thank you or letting me vent and thank you for your positive out look on life. Your a great inspiration :)
Would appreciate any help, advise from you :)
Thank you for sharing your story

Zeyda (Qbanagrl@yahoo.com)

Lisa Harper said...

Followed the (next blog link) from a friend's blog here- signed up to follow your pages. I was diagnosed this past December with RA. Have been seeing a naturalpath physcian and so far am doing good. I live in North Carolina. Love the title of your page- it speaks volumes indeed. That is how I look at life as well. Wishing you bright days ahead. God has it -:)

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