Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Heat Effect in the Winter

While I was driving down my driveway, this golden tree was so beautiful that I stopped and took a picture of it......well the beauty was better in person!

I love the seasons changing but getting used to a cooler season is rough!   I bundle up since I am freezing then that causes my legs to start spasming, cramping....(spasticity) until I change to cooler clothes!

It took me Foerever to figure that out in the cold weather! word of advice to MSers is to watch out for the heat (causing weakness and pain) even in the winter time!  

I hope all enjoy watching the beauty of these changing seasons!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

My Inactive MS

One year ago, my doc told me to stop taking the 'disease modifying medications'  because of the inactivity of my Multiple Sclerosis (MS).....for many many years!

Last month at my annual checkup.....Doc said "let's make sure there is no MS activity with an MRI.......since I have not taken any MS medications for a year now.

Praise The Lord! My MS is still inactive! and doc does not know why.

I never dreamed this could be possible for MS to go inactive!  So don't give up hope!

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