Monday, February 28, 2011

Marine Son Graduates Parris Island

We were seated in a reserved section of the bleachers since we were the parents of an honor graduate.

He marches by us and fortunately Hubs snapped this picture of esteem.  

The sky opened with wind and rain soon after this photo.  Everyone starts scattering so they dismiss the Marines as our new USA Marines. 

The plans were for him to graduate in the front row.   However, the honor grads were honored in a small roofed area by the Brigadier General of Parris Island.

Life does have its changes and things do not go as planned. 

We had a  few setbacks but we were thrilled to bring our son home as a Marine!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Marine Son Honored "Best Marksman"

He is being honored and recognized by the Brigadier General of Parris Island as the best marksman  of his Company (500 Marines) during boot camp graduation.

He scored 332 points out of a possible 350.  He hit the target with his rifle at a distance of 200, 300, 500 Yards.

He shot his rifle while standing, kneeling, sitting and laying on the ground with both slow and rapid fire.

He also received the Leatherneck award.  I know this is technical but I need to remember this.

I guess the money that we had spent on bullets did pay off.  Remember some little stuff becomes big.

The Marine story of my son will continue, since we do not know much yet??

Monday, February 21, 2011

On and Off Days

I will be busy with my sons boot camp graduation for the next few weeks.  He will be home for a few days!

He plans to keep me so busy.... No more empty-nest syndrome he wrote.   That will be Fun??? but I know he has a bunch to do for himself.

Blogging friends, Understand that I will visit and post sporadically...I really do not know....since no one knows the future.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our "Backstreet Boys" Adventure

Yes I still have my hearing!  It is hard to believe after the deafening screaming girls at the arena.

I am celebrating my daughters birthday this week with a fond memory from the year 2000.

We took her to see "The Backstreet Boys" in concert in Atlanta.

The tickets sold out within minutes so she was disappointed of course.

Dear hubs had an idea of checking into the handicap seating and it was available! 

Hubs took us and hung out with our son in Atlanta while I endured we enjoyed the concert.

We were in great seats with screaming young girls surrounding us and watching these boys in concert.  

These times in our kids lives do become fond memories as we grow older :)

Keep making good memories in your life!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Notes

Hubs and I like these notes of appreciation to each other.  It reminds us of why we got married :) 

We enjoy Love notes as we celebrate this season of Love. 

My penmanship has improved with this also!  The old fashioned pen to paper idea surprised me.

I will try to remember this longer than Valentines Day. 

Show your Love to all who travel through your life.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy....

This is ironic since  I did complain about  being bored and lonely  when Hubs got a Job after  8 months of being here driving me crazy.

I am  so busy cleaning, cooking frozen food now, and going to the bank to deposit our first check!

I am also getting that bookstore out of my bedroom one book at a time.

When the MS relapsed in the past, I was unable to do these chores.  That did happen frequently back then so  I learned to be grateful for busy!

I am fondly remembering those  strenuous days with small kids.  However I remember the exhaustion also.

Enjoy your life now, whether hectic or not.  It will change.

This is a new part of life for me but I get my rest always.....Then back to busy....

Monday, February 7, 2011

When the Horse comes Galloping In

When the horse comes galloping through my door.  I know it will be a rough hour of play when he is in a galloping mood...well he is a lazy dog normally....

Donny sleeps by the wheels of my chair but when the chair "clicks" (power chairs click before they move) he jumps quickly.

Sorry to say I have rolled over his feet a bit??  I did not know he was so near me until I moved.

I have Fun playing tough-a-war with this rope in the picture.  As with any furry grandkid,  he does not care about the camera:)

Donny is one of those pets that came with the son, when he moved back in a year ago.   They both lived here til the Marines called!

Donny has been here for me since my son left for boot camp however his new name is Brat!  but he does not answer to that name?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Your MS is Not Active

This was the doctors reply to me when I had asked "Can I try the med Tysabri".  That med is for active MS and yours is not active, she said.

I give God the credit, whether it be meds, chiro, or the way MS does.  I am for inactive MS!

My MS has stabilized during the past few years.  I have read that I should be going into the progressive stage after 30 years??

I could not see much hope when the nurses were pulling me from the bath tub, a long time ago.

Another time when an ambulance was called for me, since I could not sit up, literally.

It did look bleak then!  I try to remember this when it looks gloomy in life!

I had almost forgotten this during this past year of trouble changes.
When your life looks bleak, it may not stay that way....hopefully.

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