Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cooking Surprises for Me

I cooked this, Yes I said 'I'

I surprised Hubs, myself, and everyone else when I just out of the blue decided to cook spaghetti!
since I have absolutely No desire to cook.
 What is wrong with me??  maybe it is a midlife crisis??

This is one of my excuses challenges when it comes to cooking... carrying a hot pan of boiling noodles to be drained at the sink.....across the kitchen....with one hand and pushing the trigger to make the power chair go....with the other hand...that could be dangerous but I did it kinda easily!

I am not bragging about cooking or pumping gas.

I am just thankfully feeling better...
(after I had 2 surgeries last year).
and trying to enjoy the little things of life again!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Handicap Smart Car Adventures

I have not pumped gas in over 20 years....
so when I pumped my own gas....
it was a big deal for me.

Hubs had forgotten to put gas in my Smart car....I had to go to town unexpectedly while he was at work.....thinking, oh I can make it with this much gas but...

when the gas gauge counted down and was flashing .00 gallons...I had to pull into a self serve gas station since I don't know of any full service stations anymore...
(I knew I could ask someone to pump it for me but I have that independence thing).

After parking at a pump...I crawled over to the passenger seat since the car is so small....then I  got out that side of the car....fortunately I could stand wobbly while holding onto the door...figured out how to open the new gas nozzle stuff.....filled it up rather efficiently!

then climbed back in the passenger door...scooted crawled drug my legs over to the drivers side of the car....and drove home like always...using hand-controls 
but this time I had a full tank of gas that I had pumped!

I was so happy when I was able to figure out a way to pump my own gas (that independence thing again)...
and thankfully...
I have a Hubs that will continue to pump it for me!
but it is good to know that I can do it by myself...
if I need to.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Ornaments After Christmas

January is moving on fast...It is already MLK day...
and I am still hanging onto blogging about Christmas stuff...

I could not pack away the Marine ornament that my son sent me
or the ornament that my daughter brought me from NYC.

~so I hung them from the pot rack in the kitchen~

this reminds me of when I put their drawings on the fridge 
when they were in Kindergarten...
it made me smile then.
These two ornaments reflect who my kids are now:
a fine Marine and a fancy young lady
...all grown up...

I will keep the ornaments hanging around awhile
since they make me smile!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thankful on Rainy Days

outside my window
It is hard for me not to feel dreary on days like this...so I am really trying hard to be Thankful for:

the rain and this view
my sister came through back surgery fine
that I have family/friends to talk to on the phone
and I can stay inside a warm dry home

It seems to me that boring days are an ordinary part of life...
and I will be Thankful for ordinary!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Our Baby Shower Weekend

My niece, Ashley is having a baby in a few weeks so we thought it was about time for her to have a baby shower!
starting to get a banner put up

Uncle Glen has almost got it

 now Luke has his name in lights before he even gets here!

I was taking a few snapshots while I was sitting around...
that was when I noticed how hard they were working to get a banner up.

It makes me smile to think about all the anticipation for new babies that has gone on in the past.

just nowadays we can record some of it easily with pictures!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My New Avonex Pen

I am so relieved to be able to take my weekly MS Med (Avonex) injection with an auto-injector pen...

now I can give myself a shot without seeing the needle!

Hubs gave me the shot for 7 years before I was brave enough to stick myself with the harpoon large needle...
back in the day.

My Multiple Sclerosis (MS) journey started with no medications available.....til now there are many medications to choose from that can help slow down the progression.....while we wait on a cure.

playing with my iPad pics

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pitcher Plant

My SIL gave me this weirdly unique plant for Christmas....I do like how different looking it is.

Now let me see if I can use my iPad to blog with (a challenge for myself) .... However....my old laptop is tried and true for me.

This iPad is a new way to have communication while resting on the couch
.......................and it also helps with my hands dexterity while tapping along.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My IPad for 2013

Since I had hinted...my kids gave me an IPad for Christmas
so I feel like I have a new toy to play with...
and a new way to take pics.

The first picture I take...was of my house shoes, Oops...
then of my horse dog Donny looking up at the new silver box.

Then I scared myself
 by taking a picture of me looking into the IPad

So I quickly took another picture of me looking up...
since I had heard that is the way to stretch out those wrinkles
in photos!

I laughed at my old self learning new stuff to start 2013 with!
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