Friday, April 29, 2011

Past and Current Tornado's

Net Pic
I feel compassion for the devastation that the tornado's caused this week in the South.

This weeks tornado's does remind me of my crazy thoughts as a young person. I would say, I want to see a tornado.

I came close to seeing a tornado when I was at work in the 1980's.  I saw debris fly by the window and heard the building shaking.

Our office ran to the restroom (center of the building with no windows).    It was afterwards that we saw a semi-truck laying on it's side near us,  etc.

I never wanted to see a tornado after that,  I realized how frightening they are.

How our thoughts can be silly when we are young? Maybe it is that  invincible feeling....

This week does wrap up with the fairytale Royal Wedding.  I personally like weddings since they remind me of my personal fairytale wedding! ~smiles~

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Driving with Hand-Controls

Steering wheel Knob

This post is for anyone who is curious about driving without the use of your legs.   The steering knob allows you to steer with one hand.
Pedals extender lever

I press the lever forward to use the brakes, pull the lever down to press the gas pedal.  It was not hard to learn....Here is a link for a site that explains more about hand-controls.

Personally I wanted to make the necessary adjustments to live  independently as possible. 

Of course I wanted to be that average Mom that drove my kids to school, soccer practice, doctors, etc....

Sometimes little adjustments make a big difference!

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Missing Pants Mystery

I had the biggest mystery in my house.  Hubs was blessed with new uniform pants but 2 pair went missing.

Reckon someone broke in our house and stole nothing but 2 pair of pants?  No Way!

I even asked my daughter, she suggested that sweet horse dog may be hiding them.

I guess we miss counted them so often that I finally stopped counting.  However with time they appeared back with the others...

Just a funny obstacle of my life that I thought would drive me crazy!
I am learning that lesson again about Stop it!

I need to say that Easter was wonderful with our family, which reminds me that we will be ok!

Friday, April 22, 2011

It is "Good Friday"!

I saw this window while at our MS Self Help group meeting at the First Presbyterian Church building.

I wanted a picture of the sun shining through the stained glass.

I thought this was a be a beautiful way to say "Good Friday" in preparation for a wonderful Easter weekend!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

National MS Society Propels 50 New Studies

I share what I found encouraging....
$17.5 million propels new studies
The National MS Society has just funded 50 new research projects as part of our comprehensive strategy to STOP disease progression, RESTORE function already lost and ultimately END MS forever. New projects include clinical trials of new treatments, studies of molecules that may stimulate repair and comparisons of viruses that may be involved in triggering immune attacks in people with MS.
Read more

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sister Fun Days in 1950

I would guess that my Mom was thinking the above phrase, when this photo was taken with her friend!

Just a cute pic that I found from Mom's old teenage photo album. 

It is nice to see that our parents were fun loving kids.  It seems like they were always adults??

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Miss My Mom!

Mom and Me 1985
Six years ago this week, my Mom left this earth.

This photo has a lot of thought now.  Time does march on and we do age! 

I feel as if I have part of Mom with me always.  Cherish your loved ones now....

Nothing else to say here but we surely miss our Moms!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Children Showing Respect for the Military!

A female Marine was in the restroom when she heard two little girls say,

"Look at that girl in the Army suit.  I wish I had my pen, I would ask her for an autograph".

My son saw the little girls run to their Dad when they came out saying,

"Daddy, Daddy, there is a real girl in there in a Army suit".

This happened while my Marine son was touring the Air Force Museum.  A lot of elementary school kids were touring also.

I am happy that children are showing respect for those who protect our Country!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Trivia of My Life This Week

Horse dog always sniffing intruders in his territory!  He has been on the deck with me a lot since it is Spring!

Trivia of my little world this week:
1.  I walk to the bathroom now, so that is a lot of walking.
2.  I am tared tired since I walk a lot!
3.  Tough son calls daily which always makes Mom happy!
4.  Hubs work schedule changed so our life is mixed up changing!
5.  Stormy rainy nights in Georgia since it is Spring!

These little things that happen in life is what makes up a big part of our Life!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

"The Ride" raised $500k for National MS Society

I want share this info....I did not know much about this endeavor!  It is encouraging to me.

In March of 2009, Phil left Los Angeles on his bike for a 40-day ride across America that covered over 3,500 miles. Joining Phil for this grueling journey were his cycling wingman, best friend, a former California Highway Patrol Officer and his father. Together they faced everything from sand storms and freezing temperatures to illness and injury. In just 40 days he raised $500,000 and unprecedented exposure for the National MS Society.

Click Here to View the Trailer and more info
The Ride - Movie Poster

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Living Our Dreams

Marine son is in Marine school now.    It is  nice to have him back to civilization after all the tough training.

Accountant daughter is working all the time as an accountant intern.  I see very little of my kids since they are living their ambitions.

I was happy when tough son called us while educated daughter was here visiting.

We had a four-way phone call with him in another state.  A fancy conference call since I have three phone extensions in my house.

I thought, "I am living my dream as they pursue theirs".

When younger I did not know a dream could be talking and laughing with my little family.

Do we really ever know what our dreams will be?  They do change with life...

Monday, April 11, 2011

Walking, Exercising, Walking More.....

I have been taking laps around the house this week!  Well it was inside the house with a walker but still a lot more walking than I usually do.

It requires me to say to myself, "get up and walk slowly to wherever instead of speeding there in my chair".

The Physical Therapist motivated me the way PT's do, with why we need to exercise.

I had been doing modified push-ups, etc.  He said "It will help the body even more to just plain ole walk"!

We all know we should exercise but it is never easy.  Of course, it is more difficult with diseases, injuries, age, etc.  Just do your best.

The explanation is "exercise keeps the body in better shape".  You will be able to face the bad times easier when they arrive.

We need to exercise our spiritual life also, to ride out the tough times that do come!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Dining at Flip Burger Boutique

View from the patio seating

I smile when glowing

Hubs and Daughter glowing in the Sun
This trip to Atlanta was part of a birthday gift from my daughter. 

She said "Mom I know you are not into food, but you do like time with the family". I do love that, "time".

She loves to show me the city life and I love visiting it, so Atlanta here we come!

The owner of Flip Burger was on "Top Chef" TV show.  This link shows the food and fun crowds that was there.

I am not complaining but there was not enough space for the path of a wheelchair.  However the waiters and people stood up kindly moving  the chairs and umbrellas for me.

My daughter said "no one thinks about the space it takes for a wheelchair".

After I weaved through the maze to my waiting empty table I thought "whew I am glad I do not need to go to the restroom".

I had no more thoughts of the crowd since we were secluded in the corner and we enjoyed our time there.

The food was bursting with color and flavor so I started gobbling eating too fast without taking anymore photos.

I enjoy spending time with my young adult children, we do have fun and laugh a lot. 

Life has enough problems but try to concentrate on the good stuff!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

She has been Living 50 Years with MS

Guest Post by Deborah from What Matters Most is Kindness,  she shared this story with me about her Mom.  It was encouraging to me, so I hope you enjoy it also....

I’m writing about my mother, Mary who is 80 years old and is a living testament that people can live with MS.  My mother doesn’t remember when she was diagnosed, but she believes she was in her early thirties.  She remembers going to the Doctor’s office and him telling her that she will more than likely spend the rest of her life in a wheel chair. 
Well, if you know my Mom, she didn’t listen to him, she kept on with her daily activities as if nothing was wrong. She ran a horse farm and a large dog kennel.  She was president of the local Women’s Club for years, the town Finance committees and so on… Fortunately for my mother, her MS must have gone into remission.  A little was know about this disease 50 years ago.
When my mother was around 73 or 74 she started loosing muscle mass and several neurologists couldn’t figure out why.  Of course, my mother never mentioned that she had MS, or that is what the doctor said.  It wasn’t until her fifth neurologist had said, maybe you have MS and a light went off!  Then my mother remembered that years ago, Dr. Spear said the same thing.  She told her doctor that and after a few tests, the MS did show up, in her brain.  My mother would not let them do a spinal tap because she has a very bad back and has had surgery on her back for her arthritis.  She has also had two total knee replacements. 
Fast-forward to today, my mother still runs a horse farm, the same one she just bought when she was first diagnosed.  Yes, she needs her cane (a different one for each outfit), because she has a terrible limp, but it doesn’t seem to bother her at all.  She still falls and I worry about that, but she only blames herself…My mother has one of the best, positive attitudes of anyone I know. Nothing ever seems to get her down and she never feels sorry for herself.   I did put a bedroom down stairs for her in her home, but she won’t use it!  She says she doesn’t need it yet! 
The only thing she misses is dancing. She used to love to dance!
She was happy that I was writing about her because people can live full and happy lives with MS. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our Clunker Fun to the Dump

I rode with hubs to the dump landfill after a bit of spring cleaning.

We were just a normal couple going for a joy ride in our clunker van.   I was able to hop climb into the front seat and leave the wheelchair behind!

I rode along happily chatting with hubs during the short trip.  The windows down and wind blowing my hair, kind of day.

It touched me that hubs would take the time to go to the dump when he is not into spring cleaning.

When we returned I took a pic of horse-dog (120 lbs) investigating the area and saying "where did yall go"?

It is surprising what fun an ordinary day can be.  Keep making those daily life memories!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hidden Beauty of 5 deers

The 5 deers are in this picture, but hard to see since they blend in so well with their surroundings.  I was so blessed to look out my window and see this sight.

Beauty can be hidden in all views of life. Look for the hidden beauty as you travel your picture of life!

ps.  I could not dream of a view existing like this, secluded but near a city....God could see it and blessed me for 8 years now with this view.  There is a lesson here for me!

Friday, April 1, 2011

My Bedroom Bookstore Giveaway Update

I am updating my earlier post about the Bookstore in my bedroom. I started selling the books on Amazon, one book at a time to get my home back to normal.

It seemed like an overwhelming task but I was going to do what I could.  I sold part of two cases from the 30 cases I had stored in this room.

I enjoyed my new business of getting that bookstore out of my house!

Surprisingly the lady called me soon after I had started selling on Amazon. She called to ask if she could bring the rest of the money and pick up the books.

Of course I told her that I had called for a year and assumed the economy had affected her.  However she had been sick and still wanted the inventory to open a Christian Bookstore.

She came a few weeks ago and moved most of it.  Almost all is gone, as you can see in the picture above.  (the boxes in the corner are garbage and the tree is ours :))

I still have 100 books to sell and soon my book selling business will be a memory.  I believe God has different plans for me other than selling one book at a time.....

Ginny is the winner for March!  This will end my book giveaway for now.  I still enjoy comments :)

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