Sunday, February 28, 2010

Walking A Mile

I walked to Church, from our car again, for the fourth Sunday now.  I am tired of walking!  How can I say that, when it is such a miracle, to be able to walk again. 

Some that never saw me walk were surprised that I was walking.  What do I say?   I am so tired and the van is not working.  Grrrr!  How could I say that?

I mummer and complain, when I should have been thankful that I am able to walk again (with a walker).    My cup overflows and I am complaining like a spoiled child. 

I am so blessed and I need to be thankful for whatever I am able to do.   Remember this, when you want to complain.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Why I Stay Up Late

I am asked this question quite a bit.  Here goes a reason for it.  I was made to stay in the hospital 7-10 days of complete rest, back when I first started having MS relapses!  They did not know what to do but rest and take an IV everyday of steroids.  It  was tough to have complete rest, while taking a medication that makes me hyper.

Needless to say, I feel like laying in bed, and unable to sleep is like torture!  To this day I stay up late, to avoid being awake in the middle of the night.  It works pretty good for me, I know most MSer's have trouble sleeping.

This is where things could be worse.   Prisoner of your body and your mind is fine.  Remember to be thankful for whatever you can do.  I do try to be grateful for breathing and other abilities we take for granted.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Actions of Love

Here is "actions speak louder than words".  My Hubby built these bird feeders for me.  I can bird watch out of my window.  He is refilling the feeders on our anniversary.  I love watching the beautiful variety of birds. 

Do you think that God likes watching our variety of humans?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Going Overboard!

Literally, I wanted to go on the lake, with hubby in our new canoe.  I say, I do not want to get wet!  He promises, he would never let anything happen to me.  I am finally in the canoe, holding on for dear life.  He starts pushing it off shore.  I said this is scary,  just getting the boat into the water. 

Suddenly the canoe tips sideways, and I am setting in inches of water.  I am cold, even though I was dressed warmly, wet now.  I was waist deep in cold, muddy water.  He calls our son and gets help soon. 

We finally get back to the house, after two trucks get stuck, they wenched them out.  Finally this beautiful day ends with me taking a hot shower to warm up.  After walking on frozen water last week, I fell in the water, this week.  Biblical lesson, should not have looked down, into the water. Grrr!

When you feel thrown overboard and you are cold and wet. in life.  Be thankful you have help to get you back to stability, and a warm place to go to.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Glimpse of Spring

I do love a glimpse of spring, even cleaning off the deck walkway.  It is a fresh feeling of beginning again, a new season.  Life is like seasons, changing all the time.  Keep that in mind, when the job looks tough, it will change again.  The cob webs will be gone.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Daughters 23rd Birthday

We went to my daughters 23rd birthday dinner.  
Oma has always cooked such delicious food...especially for her Grandchildren birthdays!

It is such a joy to celebrate Leahs life coming into this world. 
I cannot believe 23 years has gone by so fast.  

Take the time to enjoy your life with loved ones. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Walked On Ice

I walked to Church with my walker....crossing some patches of thick ice.  I had hubs and my uncle Carson close by.  

I continued to walk more when I went to my daughters birthday party afterwards.  

It was good kind of exhaustion.

I could not do this standing and balancing three years ago.  I believe it is God!

When it seems impossible, keep on holding on!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hey Good Looking.....

what ya got cooking......Was the song a boy sang to me on my front porch, in second grade.  I was so embarrassed and impressed. This Valentines Day reminds me of a first love.  We rode on a horse together, all summer.  I loved it, even when I was thrown from the horse.  A wire caught my neck and pulled me off the horse.  I was not hurt at all, I was in puppy love.

A fond memory but nothing to compare to life long love.  Whether it be a long marriage, friend, or family love.  I love this season of love, just need to remember it all year long.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gaurdian Angels

I was leaving my Aunt Sue's home quickly, since it was so bitterly cold.  I rushed out the door, when my Uncle, said let me stand out here and watch.  I yelled back, No it is too cold, I will be ok.  

I walked around to get in my car, stopped, saw a man crouched down by my car door.  This time yelled, Carson, there is a man here.  He came out, asked the man questions, let him go on.  His reasoning was he was cold, getting out of the wind.  Who knows? 

I could have disappeared that night, if my Uncle had not listened to a small voice.  It was the only time he had watched me, to see that I was safe almost thirty years ago. 

It could have been worse, if I had not had a gaurdian angel watching over me!  Listen to that small still voice, it could be life changing.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Reflections of 25 years

Reflecting again on 25 years of marriage,  as our anniversary approaches.  We want to make the day special by spending time together.  That does seem to slip away with marriage, children, jobs, life stuff.  Then where are we at.  Time has flown by and 25 years, where did they go? 

There is the good, bad, and ugly of marriage.  Times when I want to just choke him, and he could feel that way.  I doubt it but smile since I know he might get irritated with me??? why???

I need to remember the good times also.  When my incision after surgery was bleeding, he taped me up.  It did look like I was murdered, and the kids slept, until I went to the hospital.  That is a good memory now, afterwards.

"We should celebrate our anniversaries, as another year, we made it.  We did make a committment for life, to God, in those vows!"

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Walking and A Poem

I walked to Church today, with a walker!  Well, rode in the car, then walked in and out.  Afterwards, even walked to eat out.
It is such a miracle to be able to get out of a wheelchair and walk, I started walking again three years ago.  I cannot explain it, but the grace of God.

Valentine’s Day comes around each year,
and it brings a certain realization
that this is a time for celebration
of the ones in our lives we hold most dear.

Valentine’s Day is a time to show
that we are certainly conscious of
the importance of the ones we love,
and of our desire to let them know.

We shouldn’t wait for Valentine’s Day
for an opportunity to express
our love, as well as our happiness,
through our actions and by what we say.

© Connie Arnold"

Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Flashback

Thank you for all the encouraging comments to my son, for signing up to be a Marine.  I will support him.  When he worked out toughly with them,  he had a new confidence in himself.   Thanks again to all the Military service!

I will begin sharing my past life, for my children, since I plan to make this blog into a keepsake book for the kids.

I took my son to his band concert in middle school.  I drove the VW van with hand controls, when I stood up to transfer to the chair, I fell.  I could not get up, too weak. 

I was so proud and happy that my son was strong enough to pick me up.  Well, at least, help drag me out of the floor and get me into my chair.  I really was so estatic that he could pick me up!  Now I can be proud again as he is a Marine.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Son A Marine!

My Son joined the Marines, I am so proud of him, but so sad as a Mom.  I love the Military, but not my son, given to the Military!   When he told me about the arrangements, if he were to be killed, I had some tears.   He does not leave for a long time, many things could change.  This is what he wants to do.  I will support him, quit trying to talk him out of it.  It is his life, I have to let him make his own decisions but as a Mom, it is painful.

Since I have complained, want to be selfish, unwilling to sacrifice my son.  We do need to think of what a sacrifice, our Heavenly Father made, with his Son! 

I do want to thank my fellow blogger at Krazy Monkey Tale for this lovely award.  I will pass it on to Beautiful Mess, for becoming my 200th follower.  I want to thank any who read this, I pass this award to all who reads this.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Memories 1977

I began and ended my acting career, in a Christmas Play, Grandpa Hangs the Holly.  It was a bunch of fun with Karen, Terry and Carol.  I still have the same skinny legs.  Everyone assumes I have those chicken legs now, because I do not walk much.

I have not changed much in over thirty years, except aging, of course. This was before the MS.   I had a very active life of a young lady, chores, played softball, volley ball, piano, art, school, Church, etc.

Life is just ordinary and wonderful at the same time.  I finally figured out the boring stuff, like cleaning, is just a normal life.  Enjoy life whatever the circumstances are.

I am doing fine with my medication side effects, now that it is over, I hope!
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