Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rough Riding

I went riding through the woods, hills and valleys on a utility vehicle, sort of like a two seated four wheeler, to rescue my son. He got stuck far off the road on some rough terrain, so I went along for the ride, bouncing along dirt roads, dodging briar's, just hanging on for the ride. It was fun but a bit scary at times, when I was saying, that hill is too steep to climb. We made it fine and got my son home safely, what will we do for our children?

I thought, life is that way, we always have hills and valley's to climb, dodging briar's and other pains. We keep on going too far, until we get ourselves stuck and need rescuing. I personally thank God, for he is my rescue, in this life of challenges. Sometimes life is going by so fast, that we feel we are just barely hanging on.

Remember this ride will be over too fast and what will you accomplish?

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Saturday, August 22, 2009


My Hillbilly family and their great pumpkin, they grew it, they are 15 and 12. That is so wonderful to have, these roots. My sister and her family still grow their own large garden, and can (which is an old way to keep food), for winter. She even painstakingly prepares fresh okra for her chickens, kind of by accident.

This natural grown pumpkin is a sign that fall is around the corner. It is time flying by, when it was spring and now fall is looking at us.

Make your time count for good, it will be gone before you know it. Life is like the seasons, it moves by fast.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


What do you do when your legs are gone? You become thankful for power chairs very quickly. I woke up Sunday morning, turned on my chair and it would not move. My husband did all he could to get it running with no luck.

We head to the baby dedication at church, which was very nice. I had to go in a horse and buggy wheelchair. That is so difficult to understand, you cannot carry coffee or move without strenuous exercise.

So when you feel compassion for those in wheelchairs, think of the ones that do not have access to the power chairs. I realize some would rather have a manual chair but not me.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This award was given to me by Pilar of The Stark Family, I admire her for being a missionary and now a good friend. The rule is to tell 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting:

1. I am a big talker even though I am shy. I will talk your ears off.
2. I like art in many versions, photography, painting, crocheting (long time ago)
3. My daughter says "that I am always happy and that is unusual these days"
4. I have driven with Hand Controls for 20 years and no accidents that I remember.
5. Went to Germany for our honeymoon.
6. Terrified of Daddy long leg Spiders.
7. Climbed down into a Nuclear Submarine while visiting husband in the Navy.

Now to pass it on to 7 blogs I like, I find hard to do, since I like all of them:

To anyone else who I have not named but would like to play the game.

Two sides

What do you do, when you want to complain but you know it is a blessing? My husband will be working two jobs and that is great with the economy, and a blessing for our finances. I want to mummer and complain, since I have long and lonely days ahead.

There is always two sides to every story. He would say, I think they are long days, what about him working them. Try again to look for the best in every situation. We will make it by the grace of God.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Family Ties

My sister with the baby I keep sometimes. She had a birthday party for being a year older. We are from a large family and that is a blessing.

So do not take your family for granted. We all do until we lose one of them. Be thankful for ordinary dysfunctional family you may have. No one has the perfect family.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Summer Favorites

I have been tagged by Pilar of The Stark Family to write about my 5 favorite things of this summer.

1. Picnics at the lake with family and friends
2. Having a new baby in the family
3. Visiting My Dad and family in the Mountains
4. Helped my daughter get her first house.
5. My view is so green and beautiful from my window.

Now let me pass the tag on to

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