Friday, August 9, 2019

Georgia Artist with Disability Art Show Includes ME

I am excited to participate in the Georgia Artists with Disabilities Art Show on September 21st at the Georgia Power Building in Atlanta.

I will write my Biography here that I need to enter my 3 paintings, and hopefully sell them also.

I realized I could paint while in high school.  But afterwards, at 19 I was struck by Multiple Sclerosis.    I still worked, had a great life except MS had to be dealt with like I started using a wheelchair etc.  I fought to live a normal life despite MS for decades, getting married 34 years ago.  I had 2 children back in the day they were not sure I should.  I am thankful I took that risk.  Fast forward

I wanted to get out more last year so my aunt Sue and I started taking an acrylic painting class at our Douglasville Senior Center.  I found out I could still paint.  It is exhausting so after an hour or two of painting I need to lay down to rest.  My right hand was damaged by MS decades ago, so I can paint ambidextrously now! I cannot use an easel since my arms are too weak.  I paint on my table while sitting in a wheelchair til the fatigue and pain gets too bad.

I am surprised by the tiny lines and details  I can paint,  it’s just miraculous.  After having MS 40 years I could have never  dreamed that I would become an artist!

So don’t give up.  

Friday, July 5, 2019

My First Commissioned Painting

My sister Renita commissioned me to do a painting from a photo she had taken of her husband and her kids at a lake.  The painting was a great Fathers Day gift for her husband Shane....

I stay busy with this life of painting!  And love it.

What are yall doing with your blogs?  Since I have slowed my blogging down......

Thursday, April 11, 2019

my cat playing in pollen

As you can see my little cat.....  appropriately named Bandit...... 

has been rolling around my front porch!

I love the Springtime so I gladly deal with the pollen.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

My Latest Painting and Etsy Shop

I painted this acrylic painting of the road I grew up on again.....  My sister Karen, wanted a painting like I had painted for our sister I tried to make the same road be different such as painting it in the Fall colors.

I also opened  an Etsy Shop to sell prints, and a few original acrylic paintings. My aunt Sue will sell her contemporary paintings in my shop eventually.

We began this hobby a year ago as I have blogged about it several times.

We certainly enjoy this hobby!  I am wading into the Etsy world as KimpaintingdespiteMS ....just to see how it goes.

Enjoy ......

Sunday, February 24, 2019

My First Art Show

I was happy to participate in our local Senior Center’s Art Show yesterday!

It was fun hanging out with friends, looking at their art displays, chatting.......then I Sold the above framed painting!

I was excited that a stranger would like one of my paintings enough to pay money for one.....maybe it’s the beginning of something?

Thank you Mr Ken for being patient with me!  I say I am the difficult student in our class.....smiles.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Our 34th Wedding Anniversary

Me and hubs 

We were so young! As I look back on our life together.

His mom, Edeltraut and I drove up to New York to visit him while he was stationed in Saratoga Springs NY in the early 1980s....

We have had a lifetime  of fun memories together like this one...... so unbelievably blessed.

Enjoy life!

Thursday, January 17, 2019

My Year of 6 Paintings Despite MS

I painted this canvas of my uncle Carson's barn, for my son's Christmas gift....

Thankfully I can paint with both hands now, since my right hand was damaged by Multiple Sclerosis (MS) decades ago.

I painted this for my granddaughters nursery 

my daughter chose a picture of her cat Tristan for me to paint.,
animals are a challenge....learning

My sister Teresa’s view.
Her son took this photo, then I painted it.

My lake view in 2010......I love looking at it.

My first painting in class, a year ago.
 It is the road I grew up on.

I have had a blast at our local Senior Center learning to paint better.....
 with my aunt Sue.

I do spend many, many hours painting.......therefore I blog less but it is a fun achievement!

Do you have a favorite of these 6?

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