Wednesday, May 24, 2017

I am Thankful for Modern Medicine

Last month mil playing with gson
(he loved wearing a helmet:))

Yesterday they found 3 heart blockages in my mother in law.....they promptly cleared them and placed a stint.

Her father died at the table while only 45!  And she is almost 80!

She has been a great role model for me....I am so Thankful for modern medicine!

Friday, May 19, 2017

My 700th Post is Healthlines Best Blogs

No Way!  How could I have written 700 posts about my life.....or whatever I could think of?  Since 2008!

What a coincidence, I happen to be on's list of Best MS Blogs as my 700th post.

This what they said:
"Kim has been living with MS for 37 years. She has a husband and two grown children, and her blog is where she celebrates all the things in life she’s grateful for. When coming up with a blog name, Kim says she never thought of this as an “MS blog.” But for many of her followers, her attitude of gratitude in the face of pain is inspirational and certainly worthy of earning her a spot here!"

To my readers I want to say a Big Thank You!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

My 3 year old Grandsons Photography

I am a proud granny who is sharing photos that my grandson took using my cell phone....during last weeks visit!

However, I took this pic of us riding my scooter, he wanted to wear a helmet??

he took a pic of the woods

learning selfies

he took pic of the dogs on the deck

He Loved wearing his dads helmet

Yes I look tired!  

our cars

Of course we have plenty of headless shots!

I am surprised by a 3 year old's ability to use modern technology!

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