Friday, September 30, 2011

Speeding with My Smart car

Smart car with hubs truck hidden!
We met another Smart car owner at McDonald' was fun for us to compare Smart cars.

I told him about the day before when we had drove it so well on the interstate, I said......

"My daughter was driving 80 mph and passed semi-trucks"

He said with a smile, "I am a police officer" (in ordinary clothes).... then I smiled and said......

"Oh, I meant that she was driving 55 mph, it just seemed like it was 80 since we were traveling along so good!"

He replied, "it is fine with me....I know the car will do 100 mph!"

All this happened this past weekend when my Daughter had driven me to the mountains to see Dad and my sisters.

It was my first long distance trip in my Smart Car.

I had worried myself almost sick about the car carrying a wheelchair.

The lesson here is a lot of our worries is needless....
and you never know who you are talking to!
Post Date: 9/30/11

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Washed my Mouth out with Soap!

Yes I did....After my horse dog, Donny and I collided in the mouth......

This is how the story began:

I really was LOL (laughing out loud) as I watched a comedy on TV and was not looking at Donny.

I was getting up off the couch when Donny thought

"Oh, I will kiss Mom"  

 Our mouths collided since Donny is tall.

I drove quickly to the sink (did not walk) to rinse my mouth out with water....that was not enough so I washed my own mouth out with soap!

I know others may not think this was necessary....but I am a  germaphobic!

Monday, September 26, 2011

New MS Drug Finds a New Home

I share a guest post from Chipper at  This seems hopeful to me when more medications are in the pipeline for MS.....You decide for yourself.....

Pharmaceutical company, Merck KGaA, has acquired exclusive worldwide rights to PI-2301, which is an experimental drug for multiple sclerosis. The drug has already completed Phase II clinical trials. The PI-2301 was previously owned by Peptimmune, a company what went bankrupt earlier this year.

Merck, a German company, had another oral multiple sclerosis drug cladribine, which failed to make the jump to market earlier and was canceled. The head of global development, Susan Herbert said, “Over the years we (Merck) have continuously worked on developing innovative treatment options that meet the individual needs of people living with multiple sclerosis.”

Before it was bought by Merck KGaA, PI-2301, was a second generation originally by Teva’s Copaxone. It was thought to enhance the regulated response immune system. Earlier this year Merck recently acquired the PI-2301, which is due to lose all patent protection in 2014, and generic companies can start competing for business. Merck is already facing generic companies, but still managed to make $3.3 billion last year in 2010.

The PI-2301is designed to improve the regulatory response of the immune system, which is one of the main causes of multiple sclerosis. Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic, inflammatory condition of the central nervous system and is a disabling disorder. The autoimmune disorder affects the brain and spinal cord and mistakenly attacks and damages healthy body tissue. Multiple sclerosis affects more women than men most commonly between the ages of 20 and 40, but symptoms can be seen at any age. The myelin sheath is damaged and the nerve impulses are stopped or slowed down completely. The PI-2301 works to control the pathogenic autoimmune response which would prevent some mistakenly destroyed myelin sheath.

Merck already makes a drug to treat multiple sclerosis called Rebif. Peptimmune, now bankrupt, had two additional MS drug candidates, which are ready to enter Phase I clinical trails. One drug, ARX 424, is a long acting interferon and the other drug ATX-MS-1467 is an immune-tolerizing agent. The PI-2301, has already been approved last year in Australia and Russia, but is facing issues in other European countries.

Friday, September 23, 2011

I Drove my Smart Car with Hand-Controls

I finally drove my new Smart car for the first time.....I can drive it now with the hand-controls installed!

At first I drove Hubs around town to practice with....

then I Drove alone to:
my Chiro
grocery store 
then to the Dentist

I used to be independent back when I drove my van but a van is totally different....

I am a nervous wreck enjoying this new adventure since I am a Pioneer with the Handicap Smart Car!

Photo above is deceiving since I walk wobbly!   However, I am Thankful for every wobbly step that I take!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Window Wasp's Nest.....

Wasp's Nest
This nest was built by waspers wasp's outside my Dad's window.....

I find it fascinating but I apologize to those who find it creepy!

My Dad likes to show this nest to his visitors.

Happy 73rd Birthday Dad!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Why Sunday Morning?

Why DO I Sleep like a log when I have plans to go to Church on Sunday?

Yesterday my Hubs and I did not wake til 7:40 as I was sleeping Dead to the world!  I did make it to Church but less fixed up....

My horse dog Donny woke me at 6am today (Monday).....I have gotten so lazy with my alarm clock because I know Donny will wake me but not anymore!

I find it funny how it is so easy for  me to sleep on Sunday's. 

Do you have this ability to sleep when planning to go somewhere?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Do Not Judge....Birds!

  This pretty bird above started out as the plain gray bird below....
It is not too pretty as it stands here in shallow water looking around.

I have no idea what kind of bird it is??

There are many analogies here....I see that I am not a good judge of birds!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Perils of Driving a Wheelchair

I Ran over My Toes!

I was quickly turning the chair around to show our elderly dog, Oscar, where the food was....she could not see the food.

I did not realize that the quick turn  would cause my foot to drop off the foot stand but then....

My toes were under a tire!

Awww! it hurts!  I back up quickly so I can Free my toes!

I see mangled toes Ok blood on my toes.

They are healing fine now...Thankfully

It is Surprising how we nurture little parts of our bodies when that little part hurts!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Our Black Bear Sighting

I love spending time with my kids always.....this time we had one of those "I cannot believe what we just saw" moments of a black bear crossing....

This happened as my daughter and I were going to visit my Dad this weekend.  I am so happy that we could see Dad too.

She was driving along when she noticed something black on the side of the road moving. 

She slowed the car when it started crossing the road very fast.....we quickly saw that it was a black bear running across the road, almost exactly as the photobucket pic above.

It went across four lanes and went back into the woods unnoticed by anyone but us. 

Enjoy time with your family when possible.  Watch out for those Bears also!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

9-11-01 Date to Remember

Remembering this day....I feel these 10 years have went by so slow and yet so fast.

That day my 11 and 14 year old kids had gone to school so I was watching TV at 8:46am when the first plane hit the World Trade Center.

I immediately thought it had to be an accident.  No one could be so cruel as to take a plane full of people deliberately into a building.....we know the details after that.

Do you remember where you were at?

Friday, September 9, 2011

I am Freezing!

I have felt like this (net) picture lately as I cringe over recent cold weather!  

I woke to 56 degrees.

when I love a comfy 80 degrees!

(however it could be snowing! Keeping in mind the title of my blog)
just a dream picture
 Welcome Ok it is Fall but my bones are yelling,  

"I want Summer back"!!

Maybe I should move to Florida??

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Handicap Smart Car Travels

I was saying to Hubs, "Oh dear, we will get hung up on the railroad tracks" as I looked at what was ahead of us.  

He was driving the Smart Car with a chair riding on the back of it.  We have not tried the interstates yet....

I am a bundle of nerves as I see what is up ahead of us!  So I started documenting the climb!
Well...We did not get stuck on the railroad tracks since I am at home blogging about this now.....It was a nice ride after all my anxiety.  

The next time I climb a hill mountain again, I need to notice the utility pole Cross in the sky!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Bored on Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day!  It can be fun, relaxing or just Boring!  

I am blessed to have many great memories of fun Labor Days with family and friends....but....this year I complain!

However, I am Thankful for all the luxuries that I have when I am bored.  

I have running water, electricity, roof over my head and hubs has a job!

I was a Busy working person wishing for a chance to be bored......Now that I got what I wished for....I ask, what do you do when you are bored?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Smart Car Handicap Accessible

it seems we are the first to try to make a Smart Car Handicap Accessible!

I only need to walk a few steps to load and unload the chair.

Hubs drove at 70 55mph hitting bumps and around curves!  The chair hangs onto the car securely since he used 3 seat belts to secure the chair to the carrier.

Hubs has tweaked car to raise it up since this pic by adding a 2 inch lift kit to support the weight of the chair carrier.


The car has to have a Class I trailer hitch.  It has a 200 pound tongue it required a light weight wheelchair carrier and scooter.

I am planning to get hand controls next week....When I drive it by myself, I will blog about it!

original date 9/2/11  We have had the car carrying a chair for 2 years now.....we have driven it on all types of roads, interstates, mountain, dirt, etc....I still Love this car
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