Wednesday, June 21, 2017

We Five Silly Acting Sisters

Kim, Karen, Jill
We elder sisters wanted to rub in the fun we were having in Florida!  So we sent the above photo to our younger sisters who couldn't go with us.

they sent this photo back to us.

Renita & Teresa

No matter how old we get....we sisters still have fun together acting like kids.

ok I almost forgot what it's like to stick out my tongue!

We all had a good laugh!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

My Vacation

Many of my family rented a beach house in St Augutine Florida last week.

I love seeing the waves.

My sister Jill and Randy, me and my daughter
being tourists 

Flagler college

amazing details when enlarged

My sister Jill and I

Memorial Presbyterian Church

dome on the church above

A long walk for me to see the beach
but at least I did not need a chair!

Me resting

I climbed 15 stairs daily to be on the main floor of the house.  The stairs were harder than I expected but I did it!  I sure Exercised!

To be continued...

Friday, June 2, 2017

My Best Homeless Ministry Story

When our church was going to minister and feed some homeless people.....Sam was the one we got to know the best.

Sam would get a few guys to wait on us to get there.  They would help him to carry me in my manual wheelchair.....(like a princess).......up the 3 steps to get inside the old building in downtown Atlanta.

There was no way I could walk up those 3 steps back then....Thankfully I could climb them slowly nowadays.

My Pastor Carson Brown and his wife Sue (in the above pic) helped Sam to get back home. I blogged about it here in more detail in 2010.

Recently we Googled Sam's sister again since we had not heard from him in years.  He still lives next to his sister and still goes to church!  He has been back home for about 15 years now.

This was the kind of news that makes my heart smile......If Sam was the only one we helped to get off the streets, it was so worth it!

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