Thursday, February 16, 2017

Happy 32nd Anniversary to Us

Hubs and I were so young in 1985!  We couldn't have imagined how fast 32 years would go by!

We went through all the normal marriage stuff but with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) added to the mix??......we had rough spots but the good times equaled it all out.

Christmas 2016

Here is my favorite line from a letter Hubs wrote me this anniversary.

"I consider now to be the best time in all of our 32 years together".   I agree with him!

I love aging together as our older bones creak and crack on the way to those "golden years"??

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

German Mush Mush Recipe

My Mother in law Edeltraut taught her great grandson (my gbaby)  how to make Mush Mush.  

It is what her mother made for them as kids in Germany in the 1940s. 

Mush Mush Recipe

Break up white bread into a bowl (She measures it as 2 slices per person)
add an egg per person, pour milk into the bowl til mixture is moist, not soggy.
In a hot frying pan with melted butter place mixture.  Keep turning until until golden brown on all sides. .....then sprinkle sugar over it to taste.  
Optional: a teaspoon of cinnamon 

This reminds me of an early version of French toast as we know it now.

We love it and the kids have fond memories of making mush mush with Oma.

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