Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Georgia Artist With Disability Winner

This is me in my
 booth with the 3 acrylic paintings I entered

I was very surprised to win the Chairman’s Award!  And my family was also.....

We had began to think I hadn’t won anything as it was getting toward the end of the ceremony.  My sister Karen was texting my other sisters saying that it was nearing the end with no award for me.  One of the few awards  left was the Chairman’s award and it was left blank in the brochure.  Glen said maybe she won that??

Karen texted,  sorry Kim, but I don’t think she won the Chairman’s award.

About that time they called my name for the very last award at the end of the ceremony, the Chairman’s Award.  I drove my chair up there to receive my award as seen below

 Receiving my award

The Pilots Club of Metropolitan Atlanta started a wonderful program!

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