Thursday, April 20, 2017

My Newer Smart Car

I drove from Atlanta for the first time ever!!  The story is.....

We bought a 2014 Smart Car with only 9 thousand miles on it.  We are going to move my hand-controls and rear carrier over from my red 2009 Smart car.

However at first it needed a small repair done under warranty in Atlanta, (yes Smarts are made by Mercedes:))

My anxiety was out the roof so we went very early on a Saturday morning.  The traffic wasn't bad.

I followed hubs in my red Smart car with hand-controls as he drove the newer white Smart car home.

I worried for nothing because it turned out to be easy in our little Smart car train!

We must have been a sight to see!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

My Handicap Friendly Faucet

I love our new faucet that comes on and goes off just by touching it.  It is great for anyone who has standing issues, dexterity etc.....and is a big help when cooking or cleaning.

  I was so happy hubs could install it, I took pictures!

These touch faucets are very expensive but hubs found one cheaper on eBay.  It was sold as a "return item"......

my disclosure:  he did have to make a small repair when he installed it......water started leaking everywhere.

He is a maintenance man though that prints out the schematics and figures it out......a small spring was upside down.

I do appreciate having a hubs who fixes stuff continually.......He is a genuine genius in my book.

Small things like a fancy faucet are the little luxuries of life......but the people in our lives are the true gems!

Monday, March 20, 2017

My Sisters Funny Photoshoot

this weekend we were posing for newer sister pictures....
in front of the pretty mountains where I grew up at.

It was really windy on the hill in Copperhill TN

oh my hair!

we gave up but we all walked away laughing!

Sometimes we just have to laugh at ourselves (my hair) when things dont go as planned!

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