Monday, October 9, 2017

My MS Remains Inactive

I had my semi-annual MRI at Shepherd Center last week. Thankfully my MRIs get further apart the longer it continues to be inactive.

I haven't had any MS, (Multiple Sclerosis) relapses since 1994.  I began taking the disease modifying medications that came on the market that year.   I thank God the meds stopped the progression of the disease, which is rare.

Oh I still have fatigue, damage, and other symptoms to deal with but I can still live a good life!

Dont give up hope because I couldn't imagine myself getting better with age.....when I needed help bathing myself in 1993!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Using Humor to Manage MS

I am sharing info about a free webinar tomorrow about finding the humor to manage MS.  I plan to watch it......

This is the article link about the speaker for the webinar......and here is the GeneFo link to register for the webinar.

 I like to look for the humor in life!  Maybe it helps me to keep a better attitude?

Friday, September 15, 2017

Facing Irma In Our Woods

I was apprehensive about the storm since we have a lot of trees really close to our house.  Hubs has a job of  maintaining them....

I have chosen to live in the beauty of the trees even though we have occasional storms.

We were fine!  We had 6 inches of rain along with the tropical storm winds.  None of the trees fell and we never lost electricity thankfully!
My Son cutting back some
of the never ending overgrowth

I pray for all the ones who were devastated with these hurricanes.  We did dodge a bullet here...

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