Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Photobombed by an Answered Prayer

The photo above is our yearly sister picture at Christmas.  I love these pictures.  They are fun!

But this year my brother in law photobombed our 'sister picture'!

We laughed when we saw it later!  he is an example of God answering our prayers.

Last November, he was in ICU and stayed in the hospital for 40 days.   I blogged about it here.  Do remember him in your prayers going forward to repair the damage, someday..

Try not to take these priceless moments for granted....

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Beginning Good Habits

As we began a New Year, I am reflecting on a good habit that I began at this time last year.

I read the Bible through in one year!  With the YouVersion app.

I am repentant that I have not read the Bible from cover to cover before now!

Have you began any positive changes in your life?

Friday, December 15, 2017

Pics of Atlanta’s Snow Surprise

I awoke to this last Saturday!  outside my window

This is my fav pic of my winter

I couldn't believe it was laying!

then toward the evening
 this was so pretty

 then the next morning....
what a surprise!
10 inches (254 mm)

loved the sun coming out

The trees are beautiful

I was amazed by the thick
snow was on the trees

by the 5th day,
I was getting tired of the snow
hanging around!

It was beautiful to watch as we were in our warm house with electricity! 

I just have to blog about such a rare occurrence of seeing snow in Atlanta! and a bunch of it...

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