Thursday, December 7, 2017

My IQuity Trip to Nashville

Photo by Caroline

I felt privileged that IQuity invited me to their blog symposium this past weekend in Nashville.  It was fun.

They have a blood test that can detect MS with 90% accuracy! Which is a million times easier than a lumbar puncture.
 (I had a terrible spinal headache for a week after my spinal tap.)

Dr is showing us how his patient
improved with exercise

It was a very encouraging symposium with a great group of bloggers.
Caroline Craven (GirlWithMS), 
Kathy Reagan Young (FUMS), 
Kim Standard (StuffCouldAlwaysBeWorse), 
Cat Stappas (ItsOnlyABruise), 
Beth Prystowsky (ModernDayMS), 
Stephanie Buxhoeveden (JustKeepSmyelin), 
Matt Cavallo (MattCavallo), 
Dan and Jennifer Digmann (DanandJenniferDigmann), 
Laura Kolaczkowski (insidemystory
and Dave Bexfield (Dave's ActiveMSers Blog)

our private tour bus

IQuity treated us to fancy food at
The Opryland Hotel

We ended the evening with Cirque de Holidaze at the Grand Ole Opry House.

My daughter drove me, helped me with my chair and walker, etc.  And that is priceless!

Disclaimer: IQuity paid for the trip but all opinions are mine.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

My Upcoming Nashville Weekend

Iquity invited me to Nashville this weekend for their MS advisory panel to meet, etc.

I will be on Facebook live if you want to Like my page link below.

Or follow the graphic pic instructions above....see you there!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Thinking Positive

cousins Nancy, Mickey, and ME talking
to my aunt Rene
who was bedridden.
When I saw this old photo of me I thought wow!  I was really young when MS first appeared in my life.

Yet I see it as a snapshot of the good times I was having with my family.

Look for the positives this Thanksgiving week!

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