Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I have always been independent, so it is hard to ask for help. I am finding it easier since there are so many nice people, that seem willing. My friend and I discussed this, since he has MS and it is hard for us to ask for help.

Today when I went to the grocery store, I could not reach an item, so this nice lady seem to be happy to help. When I needed fifty pounds of dog food, the store was happy to load it. The real act of kindness was when a man came running to help the employee.

This is the little stuff you can do in life and not realize you are impacting someone else. He was a stranger and he does not know I am blogging about his kindness. Next time you have the opportunity to help a stranger, give it a chance.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


We had our usual date night to eat cheap and get groceries. We again went on our garage sale hunt. This week he made an extra effort to see that I could get out of the van with my chair. I told him about my readers comments. Thanks for the help, I love to hear from any who read.

My husband had his birthday party at his Mother's house with our large family. We are still thankful that she can cook so well and still make so many precious memories for our family.

Some people started loading furniture on the truck when my son fell a little and hurt his back. Almost immediately, they pushed my daughter off the truck accidentally with the sofa, she landed hard on the ground. It is not serious, we pray, she went on to school. She is aching, of course, but we think she if fine. My son said, they have always been competitive since they were children, if one fell then the other had to fall worse.

It was not intentional at all, it was an accident, but the competitive stuff is silly. I hope all will see how we do not need to compete with our brothers and sisters. We are all in this world together and should help one another out.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


We are welcoming a new life into the world, Nathaniel was born a few days ago to my sister. He is starting life so innocent. He is beginning his journey with such little tasks as learning to eat. We find that small, but I do not think he does, since he screams like he is being treated terrible. Little does he know that he is being treated like a king.

We may look back at our problems in the same way. I know we need to look at challenges as if they were small stuff. I think life is tough now but really I am so blessed, how could I complain.

New life almost on the day my Mother left this world, it has been four years and the pain is still there, I guess you see again, what a mother does for a child, that may be the reason there is a hole in your heart, maybe until the end. It is not Mother's Day yet, but my Mom's Heaven date.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Marriage Dates

This weekend started out with my husband and I going on our Friday night date.

we eat cheap and go to Sam's Club store. We call that our date night since our children have flew off to their busy lives.  This is our new season of life.

We are going to more garage sales now, it is fun to see what others are cleaning out of their house.  

The only problem I have with yard sales is getting out with a wheelchair, not all are accessible.  

My dear hubs is good to watch for me but this time he forgot me in the van.

I could not get out and that made me so furious, I felt pity for myself.

I do have to remind myself of the good things about marriage!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Why do I hurry through life while always waiting on something else? The phrase "hurry up and wait" seems to be every ones life. We are waiting on a baby to be born in our family, which has an end, then we cannot wait for our children to crawl, walk, talk, start school. After that time seems to fly and then we are looking back at our life.

We are waiting in traffic, to see a doctor, waiting for daylight then the end of the day. Whatever you are waiting on, enjoy life, while waiting. When you are waiting on the next thing, try to look around your life and count your blessings.

I am personally waiting on God to work in our lives again. He has given us more than anyone could ask for but we are waiting again.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy Easter as the day ends. We call this Resurrection Day in the Christian faith, I am saying this for some readers in other places of the world.

Three years ago I walked with a walker, in the church for the first time in years. I decided this is Resurrection Sunday so I will give my best effort, I did not know how far I could go, I would guess I walked one hundred steps. It had been so long since I walked that my eighteen year old child, did not remember me walking. I still have Multiple Sclerosis however it was a very personal Resurrection Day for me.
So whatever you need resurrected in your life is possible. Do not give up, Thy help cometh from the Lord.

To clarify my last post, a Chiroprator started the process for me, they work for some and others do not get the same result.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Why do I worry? I have not posted much about the MS-Multiple Sclerosis, since I do not let that define my life. The MS went along it's normal course until I could not walk at all. My legs felt like concrete. Simple things become more difficult such as rolling over in bed. I am not wanting sympathy, just stating the facts.

I started going to a Chiropractor 3 years ago, he pushes a bone in my neck back in place, nothing much happens for 3 months. I was very skeptical until I could pick up my foot, I knew something was happening. Little by little, I started walking again with a walker for short distances. Now standing, which I had forgotten how that was, became somewhat easy.

The MS is still there and constantly reminds, when I am so exhausted, but life is much more mobile. I know the chiro got something started that God is continuing with. The chiropractor does not work for everyone but did in my case this time.

My point is, why do I worry about little challenges such as money when I am walking again. We take so much for granted and that thought came to me tonight, I am walking some so why worry about material things. We daily have miracles happen and do not realise it.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


What do we do now? I am trying to budget to the bare bones, as many economist advise. It is common sense when you lose one job and fortunately we still have small incomes, that are as stable as any can be during these tough times. I realize we are just one family, and there are many others in the same situation.

I know what you always do during good and bad times, is to be thankful for what you do have. Do not concentrate on what you lost, it is too depressing. Again I am repeating, be grateful for what you have.

I took a grey picture out my window, you have to see the bright red spots in the trees, the cardinals. Look for the bright spots, and also look for the life that is springing forward.
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