Sunday, April 26, 2009


We had our usual date night to eat cheap and get groceries. We again went on our garage sale hunt. This week he made an extra effort to see that I could get out of the van with my chair. I told him about my readers comments. Thanks for the help, I love to hear from any who read.

My husband had his birthday party at his Mother's house with our large family. We are still thankful that she can cook so well and still make so many precious memories for our family.

Some people started loading furniture on the truck when my son fell a little and hurt his back. Almost immediately, they pushed my daughter off the truck accidentally with the sofa, she landed hard on the ground. It is not serious, we pray, she went on to school. She is aching, of course, but we think she if fine. My son said, they have always been competitive since they were children, if one fell then the other had to fall worse.

It was not intentional at all, it was an accident, but the competitive stuff is silly. I hope all will see how we do not need to compete with our brothers and sisters. We are all in this world together and should help one another out.


Anonymous said...

It is always the case with children. If one does any new thing, the other one also will be curious about that thing. Do not worry. Its all fun for them, though pains us a bit. Those all will be very funny to remember when they grow up. Well written simple posts. Thanks for sharing your personal family moments with us..

MommaYoung said...

Hmmm, there is a competition that I wouldn't want to

Erin said...

My kids are the same--always competing and it seems always arguing over who is best. I just remind them they are each best in their own ways, and love is most important. (Not sure that they listen to me though!)

I LOVE garage sales. If I could, I would spend each and every day going through other peoples unwanted stuff. The majority of your house is furnished and decorated with other peoples stuff! I love it!

Polly said...

That is funny about them both falling! I'm sure it wasn't to them though. The Christian Writer's button thingie, Lindenville Cafe, I have not seen before. Neat!!!
Oh, I love garage sales too. I would love to go to those miles and miles long ones they have. I would probably be broke before noon!

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