Sunday, April 19, 2009

Marriage Dates

This weekend started out with my husband and I going on our Friday night date.

we eat cheap and go to Sam's Club store. We call that our date night since our children have flew off to their busy lives.  This is our new season of life.

We are going to more garage sales now, it is fun to see what others are cleaning out of their house.  

The only problem I have with yard sales is getting out with a wheelchair, not all are accessible.  

My dear hubs is good to watch for me but this time he forgot me in the van.

I could not get out and that made me so furious, I felt pity for myself.

I do have to remind myself of the good things about marriage!


MommaYoung said...

If I had the time, we would be at yard sales and swamp meets. Usually pretty good bargains.

Sorry he had a blank moment.

Charlie said...

Kim that use to be one of my favorite places to have lunch. Definitely very inexpensive, a great word for cheap. Sometimes the simple places are more romantic. I use to love to watch the people hoarding stuff on their palattes. Thanks for reminding me of a great place to have luch. I had forgotten all about the Sam's delicious Polish Sausage dogs. Yummmmm....

Anonymous said...

Sometimes my hubby forgets that I can't just jump out of the van like he does to go see what is out for a particularly large yard sale (the kind we love, next to block sales!). It takes me a while to get out esp if we have hit quite a few sales already.

We do a lot of drive bys because we are not interested in toys and baby stuff. They have helped me recover a bit so I can get out of the van for one I am interested in.

We have a BJ's card (similar to Sam's Club) and I like to browse the food area, while hubby likes to look at the electronics area. If we do his area first, I have to put up with comments like "Look, you are getting tired, lets just get what we need and get out of here." If the demonstrators are out, I like to see what is offered...if it is food he likes, it's not so bad.

So now we do the food area first, he goes to electronics and I sit in the patio furniture area and wait. It temporarily solves the problem!

We have date nights too (aka alone nights), but sometimes it does not involve leaving the house!


LisaG said...

It's really good to see that you and your husband still date. It's really important in a marriage and it does not matter where you go, once you have fun together.

Sorry that he forgot you in the van, probably was not intentional on his part and I'm sure by now you've forgiven him and everything's back to normal.

The slide show on my blog are pictures taken from our Carnival in February. I took approximately 200 pics, but did not finish uploading all. I'm glad you like them.

Stuff could always be worse said...

Of course it was not intentional and I had to forget and go on with life. He doesn't even think it was that bad.

Dav DiDi said...

Forgot you in the van ?? Wow .. for one second, i almost laugh ... but then, thinking of it... if it happens to me, I guess I'll get very annoyed

desperateblogger said...

lol... maybe he forgot to get you from the van because of his excitement to get his hands on the yard sale items... forgive and forget =)

awb said...

That's funny, our date nights consist of about the same thing. We go grocery shopping, or run some type of errands. Good news is we have fun where ever we are, so it's all good. Nice blog, I agree with your profile, it could always be worse!

blessedmom said...

oh, i love yard sales! it has just been difficult for me eversince my second child was born...either I do garage sale before i pick up the kids ( which has to be quick, can't be late with my daycare provider), or I bring my little boys with me which is a hassle..oh well.. :) i'm glad you and your husband are still dating.. as for myself and my hubby, we have yet to find time..i would really want that :) take care :)

frugal southern mom said...

I checked out your blog. I enjoyed reading it. I love garage sales, you never know what you will find. I dressed my daughter this way up until she was in middle school. Now funny she is in college and now I she dresses her self from garage sales lol

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