Sunday, December 31, 2017

Beginning Good Habits

As we began a New Year, I am reflecting on a good habit that I began at this time last year.

I read the Bible through in one year!  With the YouVersion app.

I am repentant that I have not read the Bible from cover to cover before now!

Have you began any positive changes in your life?

Friday, December 15, 2017

Pics of Atlanta’s Snow Surprise

I awoke to this last Saturday!  outside my window

This is my fav pic of my winter

I couldn't believe it was laying!

then toward the evening
 this was so pretty

 then the next morning....
what a surprise!
10 inches (254 mm)

loved the sun coming out

The trees are beautiful

I was amazed by the thick
snow was on the trees

by the 5th day,
I was getting tired of the snow
hanging around!

It was beautiful to watch as we were in our warm house with electricity! 

I just have to blog about such a rare occurrence of seeing snow in Atlanta! and a bunch of it...

Thursday, December 7, 2017

My IQuity Trip to Nashville

Photo by Caroline

I felt privileged that IQuity invited me to their blog symposium this past weekend in Nashville.  It was fun.

They have a blood test that can detect MS with 90% accuracy! Which is a million times easier than a lumbar puncture.
 (I had a terrible spinal headache for a week after my spinal tap.)

Dr is showing us how his patient
improved with exercise

It was a very encouraging symposium with a great group of bloggers.
Caroline Craven (GirlWithMS), 
Kathy Reagan Young (FUMS), 
Kim Standard (StuffCouldAlwaysBeWorse), 
Cat Stappas (ItsOnlyABruise), 
Beth Prystowsky (ModernDayMS), 
Stephanie Buxhoeveden (JustKeepSmyelin), 
Matt Cavallo (MattCavallo), 
Dan and Jennifer Digmann (DanandJenniferDigmann), 
Laura Kolaczkowski (insidemystory
and Dave Bexfield (Dave's ActiveMSers Blog)

our private tour bus

IQuity treated us to fancy food at
The Opryland Hotel

We ended the evening with Cirque de Holidaze at the Grand Ole Opry House.

My daughter drove me, helped me with my chair and walker, etc.  And that is priceless!

Disclaimer: IQuity paid for the trip but all opinions are mine.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

My Upcoming Nashville Weekend

Iquity invited me to Nashville this weekend for their MS advisory panel to meet, etc.

I will be on Facebook live if you want to Like my page link below.

Or follow the graphic pic instructions above....see you there!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Thinking Positive

cousins Nancy, Mickey, and ME talking
to my aunt Rene
who was bedridden.
When I saw this old photo of me I thought wow!  I was really young when MS first appeared in my life.

Yet I see it as a snapshot of the good times I was having with my family.

Look for the positives this Thanksgiving week!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

My Tribute to my Uncle Carson Brown

It is with a heavy heart that I say these uncle Carson passed away at the age of 73.  He battled Alzheimer’s at least 7 years, which was painful to watch.

my wedding 1985
He was my spiritual father and pastor most of my life.  He married us, was at the birth of my children, baptized them and was at all our birthday other words, he and my aunt Sue were there in all the phases of my life.

Carson and Sue 2009

He was born with a club foot that couldn’t be repaired til he was 13 years old.  He was dyslexic so he could not read anything except the Bible.  He didn’t let those limitations slow him down though!

my aunt showed him a pic of what
she liked, so he made her one....
a spinning wheel!

He was preaching his idea of Heaven would be plowing (later I told him it was not my idea of Heaven:)).  He said to plow fields as far as you could see and maybe even an air conditioned tractor!  That would be Heaven!

As we remember him, I know what was important to my uncle Carson,  it was his family and 40 years of ministry.  He sure lived what he preached. 

He left this world a better place from the life he lived here!  He will be sorely missed!

Friday, October 27, 2017

Remember Glen in Your Prayers

my sister Karen's wedding 1982
I am maid of honor, hubs is best man

Glen has been my brother in law for 35 years.  He had surgery 2 weeks ago but something went wrong.  He ended up in ICU on a ventilator for over a week.

They finally found a serious leak hidden at the surgery site and repaired it.  He walked in the hospital a healthy 59 year old but now he is starting rehabilitation.

I spent a lot of time at the hospital ICU last week supporting my sister.  Please keep them in your prayers during this long road to recovery.

Life can change in an Thankful for Normal!

Monday, October 9, 2017

My MS Remains Inactive

I had my semi-annual MRI at Shepherd Center last week. Thankfully my MRIs get further apart the longer it continues to be inactive.

I haven't had any MS, (Multiple Sclerosis) relapses since 1994.  I began taking the disease modifying medications that came on the market that year.   I thank God the meds stopped the progression of the disease, which is rare.

Oh I still have fatigue, damage, and other symptoms to deal with but I can still live a good life!

Dont give up hope because I couldn't imagine myself getting better with age.....when I needed help bathing myself in 1993!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Using Humor to Manage MS

I am sharing info about a free webinar tomorrow about finding the humor to manage MS.  I plan to watch it......

This is the article link about the speaker for the webinar......and here is the GeneFo link to register for the webinar.

 I like to look for the humor in life!  Maybe it helps me to keep a better attitude?

Friday, September 15, 2017

Facing Irma In Our Woods

I was apprehensive about the storm since we have a lot of trees really close to our house.  Hubs has a job of  maintaining them....

I have chosen to live in the beauty of the trees even though we have occasional storms.

We were fine!  We had 6 inches of rain along with the tropical storm winds.  None of the trees fell and we never lost electricity thankfully!
My Son cutting back some
of the never ending overgrowth

I pray for all the ones who were devastated with these hurricanes.  We did dodge a bullet here...

Thursday, September 7, 2017

MS Can Do Month

I chose this picture for the website MS Can Do.  We took an RV trip across country 3 years ago to see my son and grandson.  I had fun when I  drove my grandson around the Grand Canyon using my scooter! Priceless memories!

Below is the details of how to participate......

Launched every September, Can Do Month honors our founder and Olympic ski medalist, Jimmie Heuga (1943-2010). Jimmie pioneered the philosophy of health through exercise and nutrition, enabling those with MS to lead healthier lives. He motivated thousands by empowering us to focus on what we can do.

This year’s theme is #KickMS and we’re asking the community take part by sharing a photo or video of how they #KickMS in their own unique way. This might be spending time with your family, exercising, painting, cooking, traveling… or anything that they can do!
There are three easy ways to share:
  • Submit your photo or video online at
  • Share your photo or video on the Can Do MS Facebook page using the hashtag #KickMS
  • Share your photo or video on your personal Instagram or Twitter account using the hashtag #KickMS (post must be set to public)
Shared photos and videos will then be pulled into a #KickMS social stream. Check it out > and click on View Gallery.
We’d love to see as many people as possible join in the #KickMS movement. 

Friday, September 1, 2017

Free of My Lifelong Spider Fear

Can you believe these spiders were everywhere I went?
This one did ride to town on the outside of my van window.

This Labor Day weekend is the unofficial end to Summer.  It reminds me of all the years I was tormented by these spiders during the Summer but not this Year!

I have worked on being free of my spider phobia my whole life!  I blogged about it several times but here is one post from 2010.

I carried bug spray in my scooter feeling like I was at war.   I needed defense from what was always attacking me.......pitiful really.

Last year I finally realized I was bigger than spiders are so I just step on them, duh.  I put them in perspective.  I don't know if it's an age thing or what?

I still kill any bug inside my home now but no longer a phobia. which made my heart race in fear.

My advice is to try to keep these fears in perspective, don't let them become Monsters.  Whatever the fear is....

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

My Sisters Funny Eclipse Family Photo

I had a good laugh when I saw my sisters family photo on her Facebook page.

I hope you do too with their welding helmets on!  (I am not promoting welding helmets)

They had a full eclipse up in Copperhill, Tennessee......ours was partial in Atlanta. 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

My Mountain Ride Down Memory Lane

After a fun day visiting my sisters.....we decided to ride down to Tumbling Creek.  

See below how I enjoyed the beauty that I grew up with.....

love the light 

I enjoyed showing my daughter this beauty!

my sister Jill took pics with her cell
as she drove carefully down a dirt road

moss covered rocks are so pretty

Love old buildings

this is where I was baptized at in 1970.....
It is very cold water
even in the summer!

Friday, August 11, 2017

My PreCancerous Growth

I went to the dermatologist!  As you can see my wound above.  I had a white flat growth on my nose that was smaller than a pencil eraser.

The dermatologist didnt think it was cancerous but since it was a little strange acting they went ahead and biopsied it.

It came back as precancerous!  It was sun damage even though I had rarely sunbathed.   It was a shock for me but caught early.....

My advice is to get those strange blemishes checked out!

Friday, August 4, 2017

iQuity MS Blood Test

I am happy to help announce IQuity’s breakthrough RNA-base
blood testIsolateMS.  

IsolateMS™ is a breakthrough RNA test that can rule in or rule out a suspected multiple sclerosis (MS) diagnosis in as little as seven days, with more than 90% accuracy.

IsolateMS™ gives healthcare providers a new tool to confirm suspected MS diagnoses much sooner than traditional testing methods. By confirming the suspected autoimmune disease faster, doctors can initiate treatment of MS patients earlier in the disease progression. Earlier treatment can help slow the illness and allow better management of its long-term physical, emotional and financial effects.

Physicians can take steps to order it here.

Friday, July 28, 2017

I Love My Feral Cat

My outdoor cat was rescued from the woods by a friend.  It took a month of daily feedings before he would let me get near him.

he likes to climb on my feet now

He loves only my attention!

He is hiding from my grandson
who wanted to play with him.

he plays with sticks

he lays around

he will not pose for pics!

he chases bugs 

he stretches out in front of me

he lays in front of my wheelchair tires cuddling,
even though it looks like he is
 trying to commit suicide!

I can easily recommend a feral cat for the outdoors.  I tell him he don't really want to come inside my 'doghouse'!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

My It Could Be Worse Lesson

I was going to the restroom at church struggling to push open its very heavy door.

There was an elderly lady who was coming out so I said, Boy this door is so heavy.

she said,  Yes it is but at least we have a restroom!  so kindly

I found it humorous that I of all people.....had to be could be worse.

oh Lord forgive us of what we take for granted!

Monday, July 10, 2017

My Handicap Friendly Can Opener

Why in the world would I blog about a can opener?

Because I am so happy that I found a can opener I can use, finally! Since my hand was damaged by MS decades ago.....poor dexterity

This can opener is made by Joseph Joseph.  It is good for anyone who has dexterity problems.

I opened 7 cans rather easily with this manual can opener.  It was for an easy taco soup recipe I make.

This would have been an impossible task with many other can openers I have used throughout the years.

Oh the little things.....

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