Thursday, January 17, 2019

My Year of 6 Paintings Despite MS

I painted this canvas of my uncle Carson's barn, for my son's Christmas gift....

Thankfully I can paint with both hands now, since my right hand was damaged by Multiple Sclerosis (MS) decades ago.

I painted this for my granddaughters nursery 

my daughter chose a picture of her cat Tristan for me to paint.,
animals are a challenge....learning

My sister Teresa’s view.
Her son took this photo, then I painted it.

My lake view in 2010......I love looking at it.

My first painting in class, a year ago.
 It is the road I grew up on.

I have had a blast at our local Senior Center learning to paint better.....
 with my aunt Sue.

I do spend many, many hours painting.......therefore I blog less but it is a fun achievement!

Do you have a favorite of these 6?

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