Living with MS

continuing from "My MS Story"...When I looked up Multiple Sclerosis in the 1960's encyclopedia (during early 80's) to see what in the world this MS was.  My future looked grim, "I should live a nice long life til about age 50" it said.

I had no MS symptoms for a few years.  It seemed to go away, I kinda forgot MS.

As time goes by I did start limping more noticeable.  There were no meds back then.

I eased into the "wheelchair battle" slowly.  I started using a scooter more at work little by little, to get the job done.  I could speed around work doing my job like normal.

I did go out of work on short-term disability twice a year.  I took IVs of the only med ACTH (steroids).  I had to do this for several years.

I finally went on full time disability after my daughter was one year old.  "Another story about the kids".

I started using a scooter full time after my son was born (not his fault) just MS and no meds back then. 

When I was at my worst ,  things turned around for me.  The Betaseron injections came out.  I had a few complications such as injection site irritations but happy to have meds.

Pauline arrived in my life when the kids were small.  She was a friend I met at my MS Self Help group.  She saw the dire need I was in.  She helped with cleaning, organizing etc.

We eventually built a handicap accessible house so I could move around with ease in a chair.

I resumed life with stable MS with no relapses that I remember.   I am sure I have deteriorated with age.

I continued raising two kids like a sorta normal Mom.  I was using a scooter all the time.  I now find a power chair easier to speed about in but I still hate the Wheelchair look.

I did have a support network of help like my sister Karen.  She helped with cleaning, babysitting, taking me to doctors etc.  Of course Hubs has been there the whole 25 years also!

As I look back it does give me a better attitude.  Maybe I will post about the small times I was rescued.  When I was stuck in the rain in a wheelchair.....
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