Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Easter Flashback

Kim, Teresa, Karen 1970s

I really enjoyed my 53rd birthday last weekend...

I was able walk with a walker and climb into my daughter and sisters regular (non-handicap) car for a girls night out...well to eat at a restaurant.

So I felt like a flashback to a sisters Easter picture from the 70s.

Happy Easter!! Enjoy!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Feeling Foggy

I am blessed to look out my window and see this beautiful scene....

This moment changed so fast that I almost did not get a picture of it.

Whether I am feeling stressed, bored, or foggy....I need to remember that life keeps on changing also.

As I know......."this too shall pass"

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Horse-Dog and Storms

My horse dog Donny starts shaking when he hears thunder....then I put his snug fitting Thunder Shirt on him
However....when the lightening and thunder got louder and louder...

I had to look all over the house to find him and this is where he was......under our desk.
The storms we had yesterday were pretty furious...a few times I felt like joining him...

Thankfully the storms passed and today is a sunny blue sky kind of Spring day!

ps. The Thunder Shirt May help calm him...maybe??

Monday, March 11, 2013

Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week

This is MS Awareness week

NMSS photo

The NMSS has many events....but I particularly have fond memories of driving my scooter the entire 3 mile walk route....with a bunch of my family and friends walking beside me....during the MS Walks for many years.

We started going to the MS Walks  when my kids needed to take turns riding in my lap on my scooter...really young kids....20 years ago.  We really had Fun!

The National MS Society has been good to I give a holler shout out about MS Awareness week.

Friday, March 8, 2013

My Critter Drama Continues

critter remains

My horse dog runs in the door quickly carrying some form of a dead critter in his jaws..

when I yell....eww....He drops the remains of a critter inside the door....looking sheepish.

I have the chore of trying to scoop up the dead body with a pitch fork and carry it without dropping I maneuver my chair around....since I want the body out of my house ASAP (hubs was at work).

then I have to clean up the area where the body had been since I do not want any evidence left.   maybe I watch too many crime shows.

I did not mean for my horse dog to get involved in my critter drama...I guess he took it literally though as...Dead or Alive??

such little events that make up my daily life.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snow for Us...

We were zooming along....since the roads were clear.....heading to church Sunday when I was surprised to see this little bit of snow on the ground...I snapped a pic of it since we rarely see snow.

I complain about the biter cold when I should could have been worse....I do feel for others that are dealing with bunches of snow.

I hope....Spring will be here soon!

Friday, March 1, 2013

One Year with my Baclofen Pump

It has been a year since I had a baclofen pump surgically first I had a rough time with the surgery but by now.....I finally feel it was worth it.

Here is the technical info:  I wear a medtronic pump inside my abdomen just under the skin....I can almost forget about it since it is computerized....except every 6 months I have to get it refilled by the doctor (they simply refill it with a needle).

However...When I am freezing....I seem to forget about how the heat irritates the MS.

I have noticed when I bundle up to get warm and legs start moving and cramping with those same old leg spasms that I had prior to the pump.

But when I dress cooler....turn off the electric blanket....the spasticity usually goes away.

The Solution for me....
is to live on the edge of freezing...
I am free of the pain of leg spasms!
thanks to technology

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