Tuesday, August 18, 2009


What do you do when your legs are gone? You become thankful for power chairs very quickly. I woke up Sunday morning, turned on my chair and it would not move. My husband did all he could to get it running with no luck.

We head to the baby dedication at church, which was very nice. I had to go in a horse and buggy wheelchair. That is so difficult to understand, you cannot carry coffee or move without strenuous exercise.

So when you feel compassion for those in wheelchairs, think of the ones that do not have access to the power chairs. I realize some would rather have a manual chair but not me.


Bonnie Bonsai said...

I understand Kim.

You know Kim, when I turned 59 last Monday, guess what? I had the biggest celebration ever in my life. Not a celebration with glitters, flowing drinks and loud music or never ending feasts because there was none. To the contrary.

I said the biggest celebration ever because when I woke up with gratitude, I thank our dear Lord for giving me good health.

Yes, I can still walk and am taking good care of my legs and my feet. Above all, in my old age, I am not into any medication at all.

I wish you can be the same with me. Like you said, there's always something to be thankful for. I bet the baby was too happy to see you during the Dedication service.

Take care.

Luigi from Digital Room said...

Awww...I know. I think this post will make people realize how lucky they are to have what they already have. This will not only make us contemplate on things we are hoping for or the things we are taking for granted, this will make us realize that there's something beyond everything and that we will learn a lot from those things.

blessedmom said...

hello Kim! how are you? i hope your feeling better now...has the powerchair been fixed? i hope so :) thanks for sharing this post...it reminds me to be grateful each day..there's always something to thank God for every day...little to big things... :)
take care always friend...i'm blessed and thankful to have known you! :)

Pilar said...

I love how you always turn "negative" things into possitive. The name of your blog is suh a reflection of your attitude. God has to be so happy with you.

Blessings to you my friend

Chillaxin' said...

Kim, love the post. It's great to hear the truth that we take so easy for granted, being able to walk. You are always an inspiration to every one you are around. I hope your chair has been fixed. See you soon.

Debbie said...

I can only imagine how much better the power chairs are. Sorry yours is not working.

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