Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mom of an Accountant and Marine

I do not take credit for their accomplishments but maybe I had something to do with it...

This is a picture of fun while my son is here briefly.  I stood (thankfully) in front of my wheelchair at Church, with my arms around my little kids young adults!

I guess it takes time to realize they are adults.  They are living their own busy lives to busy for Mom and Dad.

When they were young and life was hectic, I would think this stress will never end.  It did end since life kept moving on.

Now we have old age aches, empty-nest, money stresses.

I really do enjoy this time of life.  It has peaceful wisdom and so what if it is a little boring at times :)


Wanda said...

Kim, you certainly had a hand in shaping their lives. Love the new blog look! Snag your button.

Ginny said...

What a great picture of the three of you! I still cannot focus on my son's face and see a grown-up, it is hard. Even though he is starting to lose some hair and has lovely little lines around his eyes now. The last part of your text, I so agree with!! When they are teenagers, we wonder when it will be over. But it is time that can never be recovered.

Karen said...

I think you had a lot to do with their successes Kim!

DUTA said...

Great picture!
Your daughter, the accountant, and your son, the Marine, look awsome.
You should be proud of them, and of yourself as the mother who has raised them.

Tracy said...

Hi Kim!
This is a beautiful photo! You must be so proud of all their success and accomplishments that you had so much to do with!
Since my children are still young and life is hectic, I often wonder if the craziness will ever end :) I know it will, like you say, but it's hard to remember sometimes that time moves on and my kids won't be kids forever :(
Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! :)
Have a blessed week!

Far Above Rubies said...

Life is full of seasons. I still have little ones, but time is so fleeting. I ask for the grace to enjoy every moment.

God bless you, Kim.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

What a fabulous picture of you and your kids, Kim... I know you must have been in 7th Heaven --with both of them with you... How special is that!!!!!


The Unknowngnome said...

A wonderful picture of a successful threesome. It's a generational thing, you know!

Dawn said...

You DID have a LOT to do with it!!!!!
I love that picture. what a moment and a great memory!!!

Nature Rambles said...

Love this photo!! You had a big part part in shaping their lives!

Glad to meet you Kim. Thank you for your visit!!

Hippofatamus said...

Don't discount your role in who they have become. Their titles may be impressive but their character is what got them there, and you had a CLEAR hand in that!

Dean Spencer said...

Kim -

You have definitely done your jobs raising two great "adults!"

God bless!

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