Friday, October 8, 2010

Homeless and Money?

We have fond memories of Melvin, during our homeless ministry.  He was very kind and helpful to us.

He told us that someone gave him $20.  I said "Melvin, what did you do with the money?"

He laughed and said "of course I went straight to the liquor store".  I replied "No Melvin, you did not".

He said, "I had to!"  We learned real fast Not to give the homeless money.  He appreciated our food and loved our ministry.

Melvin got off the streets to work in a ministry, we heard.   

Where they are now we trust it to the Lord.

If you want  to give money, I suggest you give it to a ministry that works with them.


Jane said...

That is very good and sound advice. We have a substantial number of individuals who stand at various street corners around town, holding signs that read "will work for food." It is hard to know who is legitimately down on their luck and who is seeking cash for booze and drugs. Hope that you are well!

PS - Still like those shoes??


Alicia, The Snowflake said...

I completely agree. We want to help others. But sometimes we need to do it with wisdom. Thanks for that great reminder!

Faith Imagined said...

I completely agree! There are so many ministries out there helping the homeless that need more funds.

awb said...

Offered to buy a guy lunch once, had a sign said he was hungry. Told me had places to go eat, he needed cash!


Rose said...

i agree give monet to a ministry vs directly to the person. as a retired social worker, a poor person may use the money for another purpose vs. food/ shelter. thanks for your commenton my post re crying. Many years ago, i would shelter the tears. if we want to help others we can appear too stiff and unfeeling. we also think that we would dump ontoothers if we cryed. not so, reaching out together, is what God would want. have a good day. rose

Jasmine said...

Hello my friend. I compelely agree with your statement. I never give cash.

Thanks for sharing your heart. xox

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