Monday, November 29, 2010

Crying, Pride and Hope

Son & Horse Dog

We had a celebration weekend of non-stop events with my son.  He left for the Marine Boot Camp today.

I now cry over all his mess stuff that is here in our home.  I did get 5 hours of sleep before waking to tears again.

This is no comparison to death but I do have a heart ache.  I have hope and pride both.  
I am learning to have more compassion, more feelings for our Military!  


Ginny said...

You're talking about your son leaving? This is a hard thing, but you will all get through it. You have a wonderful attitude, knowing things could be worse, but you feel what you feel! Your intellect knows that things could be worse, but your heart and emotions are another thing altogether. Nothing can happen to your son that is outside the will of God, and I will continue to be praying for his safety.

jan said...

My heart goes out to you! Know that your son is in God's care. You can be so very proud of him for serving his country!

Jane said...

Many prayers and cyber hugs coming your way!


Anonymous said...

Kim, sweetie, I'm sorry you're sad. I still haven't understood though.

I'm saying a prayer for you and I'm sending you all my love. Please know that God is holding your hand and that of each of your loved ones. Big hugs.

Wanda said...

Ahh, Kim praying that the Father would comfort you during this time. And you're right it could definitely be worst.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I know it is hard, Kim, but your son will be FINE... We all will keep him (and you) in our prayers..

He is going to be a HERO ---and help keep our country safe... God Bless him..

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

I can't even begin to imagine! But I do appreciate your son's willingness to serve. May God bless him and keep him safe whereever life's adventures take him.

Flying high in the sky.... said...

i know the pain you must be going through... .. God bless and hope you will be over the "separation pang" soon...take care ..... and start preparing for his next visit..

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim..


Thanks for visiting my page.I am a slow blogger but then try to catch up with flying time. you are sad that son left ,but you are a brave heart,a blessed mother to have such a brave son.:)

If you go low who will boost him up,come on..these days would just pass by with all the lovely memories spent together.

I was sharing this thought with a friend this morning , that we see only one aspect of a situation but the good Lord sees the entire picture.
All we need to do is be happy and trust in the lord above.If HE
gets us to anything HE knows whats good for us and whats not....isn't?

HE will take care of him.

I send all my prayers and best wishes.

Take care of yourself and keep smiling.

Have Myelin? said...'s a different take on the subject. =)

Be glad he DID leave...cuz some parents have children who never leave. You don't want a son that's 50 years old who lives with Mom. =)

(but I

Deborah Ann said...

My son left for boot camp 4 years ago...and today he is a man in every sense of the word. He just received his 3rd promotion, and is this mamma ever proud! You will be too, just wait and see...

Anonymous said...

AWw! Thanks so much for explaining, Kim! This guy is going to be fine! He's going to make you oh-so-proud! I'm sending him oodles of good luck! My warmest hugs. :) :)

Lynda Young said...

Many prayers for you and your son and your whole family including horse dog.


Just Be Real said...

May God take care of your whole family. Blessings.

Alene said...

I love our military. I remember being the 20 year old that married an Army Officer and we left for Germany. It was hard on my mom and dad. It was hard on me. But what joy and blessing to know your son is serving this great country. Your post blesses my heart. I think the world of military men and women and the families they leave behind.

Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

:( I'm so sorry. Praying for his safety and for strength and comfort for you. It is hard. My husband was gone last year to Afghanistan, and I would not have gotten through it without leaning on the Lord.

Sandra said...

nothing we can say will help with your pain, but all us bloggers do care about your pain. i found you on ginny;s site. I read about 10 of your post but chose this one to comment on because I love all things dog and your son's horse dog is beautiful. what will happen to him while his master is away, will you keep him? people can take care of themselves, animals depend on us

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