Monday, November 8, 2010

Remembering Scott Ledford

One year ago today, he went to Heaven.  All were in shock since he was a healthy 43 year old man.

Aneurysms are never expected.  Life is unpredictable.

This photo is the way I remember my cousin.  I talk to his Mom often, no words can describe her pain...

This subject does not go with the title of my blog, but I want to remember him today??

Many situations in life, we will not understand.


Have Myelin? said...

You are right, many situations we will never understand. Not in this life anyway. I hope for answers one day. (however they may come)

My EX had a surprise aneurysm between his nose and inner eye so I am familiar with the diaster. He is okay. (I guess)

No words can describe the loss of a child. I understand that since I lost my daughter. All you can do is listen and talk to her.

Grief is like a deadly river. It might appear smooth on the surface but underneath, raging currents can take you away if you are not careful.

Rose said...

back from a trip and reading your post. such a sad loss to you and your family. life can go so quickly without warning. i never lost a child, but lost my 1st husband in a car accident he died on impact. cherish our memories. God Bless rose

BARBIE said...

So sorry for your loss. It's hard to understand these things. Knowing we will see them again in Heaven brings some comfort.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Kim,

He is so handsome and has such a wonderful smile.It is just impossible to understand the unpredictability of life.Life is so fragile,so uncertain,so fickle.Very often we don't realise the value of people when they are close by.

But God knows what he is doing.He knows what is best for us.

I understand that it is difficult to console his mum.Her pain will be terrible.

I am sure he is having a wonderful time in heaven surrounded by angels in the great company of God Almighty.

Best wishes Kim,

Alene said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. I come from a very big family and we have lost a handful of awesome cousins at very young ages. It is sad. A hole is left in the family. Glad to remember your cousin with you. Blessings!

Faith Imagined said...

What a wonderful tribute to your cousin. You are such a compassionate and caring woman.

Velvet Over Steel said...

Very sorry for the loss our your cousin. I can't imagine your aunt's pain. A child should never leave before the parent. Just to hard on the parent.

Very nice post and tribute, Kim!
Big Hug to you!
~ Coreen

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim. :) I'm sorry I took so long to get back to your blog. I sincerely appreciate your reading mine. :)

You sound like a very positive and strong woman. I'd love to be your friend!

I'm sending lots of hugs to you and to your aunt. God bless you all. :)

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