Wednesday, September 15, 2010

These Shoes are made for Walking

I show these shoes, embarrassed by their looks, but they are Converse...Ok, I used blood money to pay for them.

My daughter took me shoe shopping.  It began to be like fitting Cinderella.

We were so happy to finally find a pair that fit my brace.  They will be for all occasions, even Church!

I gave 9 tubes of blood to research at Shepherds MS Accelerated Cure Project.  I received $50 and bought these shoes.  I smile at this.

I would give to research, for free.  We all strive for a cure of MS...


Mom vs. the boys said...

Black is great, you can wear them with everything!

Karen said...

Those shoes look fine...I know Shepherds appreciated your giving...congrats on your candles!

Have Myelin? said...

I have Cinderella's feet too. I gave my name and phone number to a shoe salesman for a special kind of slipper that will arrive in late October. I have been saving my pennies for these slippers. My feet hurt all the time!

Your shoes look fine! If they fit, don't hurt, then everything is cool.

Jane said...

These shoes look great and if they fit and are comfortable, then go for it! You are a true gem,


Alicia, The Snowflake said...

I think people will be so excited to see you walking that they won't even notice what shoes you are wearing! But I do think they look fine. I pray you get lots of good wear out of them!

Aries said...

Agreed with Alicia, glad you are walking more. Hope you have a great week ahead.

V said...

I love them!!!
Although some fabric paint and doodles on it can spice it up if it's too plain for you or if you wanted to breathe new life into it ;)

Just Be Real said...

The shoes are fine looking. Black is always a safe color to get. Glad that you are able to walk more dear one. Blessings.

Velvet Over Steel said...

Kim, the shoes are very nice looking. Black goes with everything! :-) I love that you gave blood to research. That is very cool & I know you didn't do it for the money, but you deserved the money & 'almost free' always makes a buy even Better! :-)

Have a Great Friday and a Wonderful weekend!!


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Kim, I am so sorry you have to be dealing with MS. You seem to be handling it well.
And I was really curious why you took a picture of your I know why.
I have the VERY same issue with shoes..I wear "tennis" shoes full time too...even to church like you, only down here in Texas, I wear white ones most of the time.
I have Fibro and knee and sciatica problems... also am 73 years old. Have had Fibro of some 30 years.
Got to get to bed now...very late.
Thanks for joining my blog, I have just joined yours as well.
How did you find me ? Just curious.

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