Monday, August 9, 2010

Seeing God....

Photos by Gary Strader

Seeing God

How can anyone not see God
in the beauty spread all around,
from the azure sky and mountain high,
to flowers covering the ground,
as everywhere that you may look,
evidence of God’s splendor is found?

How can anyone not see God
in a beautiful butterfly’s wing,
the leaves in fall, vibrant colors on all,
in new life returning in spring,
as everywhere you see displayed
the Creator’s touch on everything?

How can anyone not see God
in a tiny newborn’s eyes,
in the evidence of a parent’s love,
soothing the baby’s cries,
as everywhere after night is done,
another day glows with a new sunrise?

How can anyone not see God
in uniqueness of each face,
from young to old, from gentle to bold,
of every color and race,
as everywhere evidence is seen
of God’s mercy, love and grace?
From: Abundant Comfort and Grace by Connie Arnold

Connie's Husband holding

If you visit my blog, you know how much I love her poems.  Connie has a new book!  Abundant Comfort and Grace   Beautiful, spiritual poems.

Please leave a comment to be entered in two drawings, one for a copy of Connie's first book, Beautiful Moments of Joy and Peace, and one for a $10 Amazon gift certificate.
There will also be a drawing for a $25 Amazon gift certificate from those purchasing a signed copy of Abundant Comfort and Grace from Connie's website, or online and contact Connie with confirmation of purchase at:

Join the tour tomorrow at: Reviews From The Heart


Jane said...

Wonderful poem for a Monday morning!


Connie Arnold said...

Thank you so much for being a part of my blog tour, Kim, and sharing my poem. I hope it will be a blessing to your readers and remind them to see God in all things in life!

Weezer said...

I absolutely love this poem. I had no idea it came from a book. I guess I just assumed that you wrote it. Your blog is always so inspiring.

Lora1967 said...

I would love to win the book or the certificate for amazon. Thanks for the contest

God bless you

Karen said...

This beautiful poem asks the questions that burn in my mind...

I would love to win a copy of Connie's book!

Lynda Young said...

I often ask these questions as well. Beautiful poem!

Connie Arnold said...

Thank you all for the lovely comments about my poem! Blessings to each of you!

Brenda said...

What a beautiful poem! I would love to win this book.

Bonnie Bonsai said...

Truthfully, being appreciative of the beauty around us, it is really hard to be blind. God's creation is magnificent and it made me wonder of all His works. They are beyond description and the answers to the questions I asked Him as anyone does can be found right everywhere I look around.

Beautiful piece to share Kim. Now, am on track where you are.

Rose said...

just a beautiful poem. God is everwhere as we view nature. thanks for your coment on my blog. I wish I could sleep in but.. Rose

Just Be Real said...

One thing I love is God's nature. All the different insects, bugs, animals, plant life, etc. He made for our pleasure is awesome. Thanks Kim for sharing. Blessings to you and yours, JBR

Marja said...

Thank you Kim, for having Connie on your blog with her wonderful poetry!

Beth Reinke said...

Okay, Connie, trying again to leave a comment. Sometimes blogger doesn't like me - LOL!

Lovely poem. :o)

MageeBaby said...

wahooo! I love poetry!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and the well wishes for our vacation. In just 2 months! wahooo :)

Connie Arnold said...

It's such a joy to read all your comments as you share your appreciation for God's beautiful creation!

Grandmommy said...

Love the poem. Thanks for sharing.
Karen arthur

Together We Save said...

Wonderful poem!!

arlee bird said...

This poem expresses such a great truth. How can anyone deny the existence of a divine Creator?

Tossing It Out

Hotcakes said...

as beautiful as this poem :)

Mrs4444 said...

There's just no denying Him.

Count me in!

Connie Arnold said...

It's delightful to have this opportunity to share with you all and find some new blogs to visit! Many thanks again, Kim, for sharing!

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