Monday, July 5, 2010

Watching Fireworks.

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This July 4th brings back many fond memories of going to watch fireworks with our kids.

I would drive around with my scooter to watch fireworks from many different parking lots....and Wedowee Lake...and McCaysville to watch them catch Tator Hill on fire name a few.

The fun of it was watching  with friends and family.    These are the memories of a good Life! 


Dean Spencer said...

Those sound like great memories. Even with the traffic, in the course of time spent with family, can bring back memories.

I got to spend yesterday with family as well. Though we didn't go anywhere or do anything other than spend time together talking, eating, and watching some tv, it was a very pleasant day. Those are the kind of memories that make life worthwhile.

Witty Jester said...

For a lack of attention a thousand form of loveliness eludes us everyday.

Evelyn Underhill

So true :)

Karen said...

Love those memories!

Rose said...

it's important to keep some of our childhood memories. thanks for sharing.have a good day

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