Friday, July 9, 2010

Half Full Friday

I like this thought, the glass is half full, not half empty.  Life as eye see it started this in 2009.

Listing things I am thankful for during this past week:
1.  Getting my van worked on, not running yet.
2.  Having a Dad, he is doing ok.
3.  The ability to breath, I have seen many struggle.
4.  Having dirty shoes!
5.  Waking up this morning....


Karen said...

Great list, Kim! Thankful in all things....

Have Myelin? said...

How weird...I posted something on this very thought today but from a different perspective.

Great list!

Rose said...

like what you shared . we need to reflect every day about this. have a good weekend.

Dean Spencer said...


I know I complain WAY too much. I really need to do like you do and make a list of the things that I am thankful for. That would get my mind of the things that cause me to complain. :)

And it might change my perspective on whether I have anything to complain about anyway.

Thanks for sharing the Half Full Friday!

Jasmine said...

Kim, giving thanks in all things gives us such a better prespective.

Thanks for always passing by and encouraging me. Ella thanks you too.

Weezer said...

I left you something at my last post. Check it out.
I'm glad you're getting your van worked on.
How's Mr. Stuff doing?

Aries said...

Yes, we need to be thankful at all time. Never take things for granted, especially people who are around you all the time. I see the glass as half full too. Have a nice weekend.

Lynda Young said...

So many things we take for granted..thanks for this great list of reminders.

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