Tuesday, July 21, 2009


My newest event to tell anyone about is IZEA Fest in Orlando, FL Oct. 1-4, 2009. It is for bloggers, tweeters, etc. Check it out, sounds like a dream vacation. Sea World

I need to give a shout out to my cousin who started blogging about the South of the USA. She writes well so take a look at Chillaxin' Sorry to sound like a salesman but I am partial to my family.

An unusual event happened with my little long term disability check this month. It has been a miracle that they have sold me many times and kept sending the check for 21 years. Now the new company cannot find me? kinda of strange, but I am sure it will work out.


MommaYoung said...

Sounds like lots of fun... One day we'll be hitting all these neat events.

I'll be sure and check her blog out. :o)

Yes, that is very strange.

Thanks for visiting... {{{hugs}}}

Webster said...

My goodness,
If SSA suddenly lost my direct deposit number I would be in some serious doo-doo!

Kim said...

Not social Security my company I used to work for.

Living Day to Day with Multiple Sclerosis said...

I hope they figure it out and get you your check soon! And by the way...I love your cousins blogs!!

LisaG said...

I checked out your cousin's blog, looks a lot like yours :). I think I mentioned I've been to Atlanta - it is such a beautiful city. I've never tasted the donuts though, maybe when I'm there next time I'll try it - that is if they don't close down.

Peaches will always be my favorite fruit of the US though and Atlanta is certainly famous for that.

I hope the issue with your check is sorted out soon.

Keep smiling!

Chillaxin' said...

Thanks for the great comment about your family. Yes, family should always stick together. Even through the tough times. Great blog.

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