Sunday, July 5, 2009


I am still Thankful for a weekend full of Fourth of July celebrations. We went to our local parade, as a family, which was fun but Hot (MSer's melt in heat). We cannot even understand how blessed we are to live in America, with its imperfection's.

I never say enough about how Thankful I am for my husband's job. I worried enough, and I should spend more time being thankful. All the time worrying was wasted time. Now he is going to college online to improve his job.

Do not forget what our country represents after the holiday is over. We always need to pray for those heroes that protect us in the military.


ROSIDAH said...

Gratitude is always good :). Have a wonderful week, Kim.

Bonnie Bonsai said...

Let's also pray that the people will go back to God as this great nation is founded with the belief in Him, with trust in Him, yet it is so sobering to note how much the people of that great country whom other nations are looking up to for a role model. Sadly perversion seems to supersaturating and many have gone astray and going wayward.

I have deep respect for America for how much it shaped up the world. But then many have forgotten that how much God has blessed that country.

Yes, we all must be thankful everyday to Him first and foremost.

Sorry for not coming much these days, I have been busy working on the Wedding Photos. And I have so many distractions to cope up for a while but I am getting there.

There's a few wedding photos posted in my Main Blog and am still in the process of posting in My World Meme. Am pretty slow and honestly, am not feeling so well today. But I'll try my very best to give my best.

I still have to work on the Bella Sinclair Award to pass around as well.

I'll come back as to email-ing you then we can work out something. Please bear with me Kim. You are one of those people who is close to my heart.

Faith Imagined said...

Yes ma'am!!!

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