Sunday, July 26, 2009


What will this week bring, for me I know I will work pretty hard keeping a baby. The joys have both good and bad sides. The joy of a baby has it's work with it.

When life is tough, we can keep hope that it will work out. When a baby is growing up, you have patience as it grows, then you have a different kind of joy as it matures.

Remember in life, it takes patience and time before we see the whole picture.

Now I am waiting to see who will be my 70th follower, I will let you know. This is not a big deal for some blogs, that have numerous followers but I told you before, I was surprised at 5.


Pilar said...

You should not be surprise, your blog is great!

Anonymous said...

That is very nice of you Kim. Since my followers are so slow and not that it concerns me, I would be glad to acknowledge the same. Like I said, "it's Great to inspire and Good to be inspired".

You deserve everything this world has to offer you.

Take care Kim. Good night.

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