Thursday, June 11, 2009


An extended member of my family passed on, my sympathy goes out to her family. The whole town will miss her.

This is how small the town is, they had to postpone her burial, the person who digs the graves is out of town. We are asking, what happens if he goes on vacation? I will let you know if my sister tells me otherwise.

Is it not wonderful to know, there are places, in the US that are still a small town in the mountains.
I grew up down the road from "Hells Holler", they named it that, back when they used to make moonshine there. Now it is more modern.

Thanks for small town USA, I believe that is a country music song. I am glad it is part of my heritage. That is where you learn to help your neighbor, and it should be everywhere.


ROSIDAH said...

My heartfelt sympathy and condolences on your loss. It sounds that she was a lovely lady. I so agree to you. A lovely neighborhood like that should be everywhere. Have a wonderful weekend, Kim :)

Farmer*swife said...

Sorry for the loss; I live in a small town too. And, everyone pretty much knows everyone. Have a Wonderful Saturday and good luck with the new store!

Faith Imagined said...

My hubby is from a small town and I just love visiting there! Especially around the holidays!

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