Thursday, June 18, 2009


I had a MS meeting tonight, we talk about how our lives have been for the past month, good and bad. We are friends, we mainly try to listen.

I did wear my Cafe Press T-Shirt tonight to the meeting. I am impressed with the quality. Some did like the print, said more people need to realize that it could be worse.

Whatever your challenge in life is, try to find someone to talk to. People do need others to socialize with, so give it a try.


Bonnie Bonsai said...

I do talk to people but for a kind of attending a social group, I have just found one that I feel I am suitable to be with. So am not going to be living a recluse life anymore. Thanks for the visit Kim, much appreciated.

I have a poetess friend in the same boat as you are. Maybe I will email her and tell her about you. She lives on her own.

Please find this Kim.

kim's award

awb said...

It's important to have contact with humans, I even do it from time to time! I don't know how people do it on their own.


katherine said...

You were right Kim. We really need to go out sometimes and talk with friends. Thanks for the visit Kim. Have a great weekend.

Oh BTW, what's the print on the T-shirt. im just curious.

Carleen said...

I agree with you on this one, Kim. It's so important to interact with other people who understand what's going on with us because they are in a similar place. The support we get from our families is priceless, but sometimes they don't understand because they haven't had the same experience.

Dav DiDi said...

Yeah, sometimes it takes time to socialize with people as well. And sometimes we chose who to interact with although it will be of best interest not to choose.. especially in working stream, we can't always be mean and not interact with someone we won't want to talk to

Anonymous said...

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