Saturday, May 16, 2009


I have such an active weekend in the process. I am going to the north Georgia mountains to see my Dad and sisters. He gets to see his new grandchild the first time. Reunions are a happy time. I do not want to complain, but I am exhausted, getting ready to make the trip.

My husband has a ear infection, he is feeling bad. I need to have more compassion, and I am working on that. He has always treated me like a normal person, that is what I have always wanted. I do not want to be treated as a disabled person, just normal. As time goes by I would like a little sympathy from him. See how marriages change over the years, and he does not see it. Life is a work in progress, I guess.

Thanks for all the nice comments about the award, I do appreciate all blogging friends, that I stumbled upon.


awb said...

I want to live in the mountains so bad and nobody will go with me! Compassion isn't bad, it's when it turns to pity that I want to go 10 rounds. Understand it, just don't feel sorry for me, hate it.


Stuff could always be worse said...

I agree, don't feel sorry for me, it is just some compassion from my hubby would be nice. Just right now he is too tired from working, I understand.

A.Marie said...

A.Marie said...
Congrats on the award!! You are definitely deserving of it. I love this post on compassion. I need to work on being a more compassionate person. I know what you mean about being treated as a "normal" person; but, even "normal" people need a little sympathy at times! :) Maybe just kindly tell hubby that you'll both start being more compassionate towards one fact, that is such a good idea I am going to try it with my hubby! ;)

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed Sunday!

May 17, 2009 7:58 AM

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