Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I cannot believe my little post about my Hillbilly Family was featured on Bonnie Bonsai Blog Comments. in Australia. Since I cannot get these links to work, it is inserted in title. What a small world, really.

A different and the best honor I have is, to be included in the "Lindenville Cafe".

When I feel like I am wasting my time or I have too much time, I get encouraged by a comment or a new follower. This blogging world is unique.

I know when I feel discouraged, that it is temporary. Life is constantly changing with challenges and victories. Tomorrow is a new day, let's see what it brings.


Polly said...

What true words!! I am so happy to be back reading your blog and everyone's! It really is quite an experience, this blogging. I have missed all of you like a bunch of good old friends!!

Kim said...

It is experience, I never thought about, blogging and having friends in the blog world.

MommaYoung said...

Oh how exciting. Your not wasting time at all. I really enjoy reading your blog.

I'll head over there now.

awb said...

It's fun meeting people, plus, I've gotten a lot of good information too!


awb said...

Kimberly, when you get a chance, I have something for you on my site, thanks,


desperateblogger said...

keep on writing kim. your works are all from the heart. you're such an inspiration to all your readers.

Bonnie Bonsai said...

Hi Kim, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving kind comments. It was a pleasure to give a surprise for everyone. Since I have so much blogs to keep, I'll try to fit in everyone, one at a time.

My coming to blogging was to hide away and for some reason I got caught up with Memes and now am going public. I initially privatised my blogs now they become public property. lol.

Like you, little did I know about the enormity of the blogworld. I was more into poetry critiquing but I gave that up and here I am enjoying my life in the blogspot world.

Okay, I read that you want to learn about linking? I'll give you a clue how to do it courtesy by our fellow lady blogger from Indonesia. Her name is Rosidah.

How to insert linkHope you'll find this link very helpful and everyone can learn. Little computing knowledge one at a time. A lot better than learning in a computing class. :)

ROSIDAH said...

You spoke from my heart! The Blogosphere is a very unique world. I love the remarkable circle of friends we can get in touch with. Have a wonderful weekend :)

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