Sunday, March 1, 2009


This is Georgia weather, it was 68 degrees yesterday with rain. I am thankful for rain, but I was exhausted again, with too many activities. Today we had a beautiful snow, big fluffy flakes. We do not get to see snow very often in the deep South, so the children were playing in it, we were just watching the beauty. It did not lay very much on the roads, so everyone could still travel.

Today was a beautiful, relaxing day, starting with Church, talking with many friends and family, and then just watching the snow. This is the way life seems to change, one day it is like summer, and then the next day, it is winter. Everyone has many changes in their life, from day to day, much like the weather. When you have a bad day, the next might be wonderful.


LisaG said...

I visited Georgia last year (Atlanta to be exact). I think Georgia is famous for it's rainy weather.

In my country it's supposed to be the dry season (we only have two seasons dry and rainy), however, it just keeps raining and raining and raining. I wonder if we will have a dry season this year.

Either way, I'll make the most of it, everyday is a day that God has made and we should all rejoice and be glad in it, as the saying goes.

Have a wonderful day to day also!

Charlie said...

Seeing snow coming from Miami is like heaven sent. I remember the first time I saw snow was in Hiram, GA in 1998 I was 42 years old and became a kid. Imagine growing up all your life in Miami,Florida just sand, palm trees and the beach. The good thing about the Deep South is we don't get Fargo,ND 2 and 4 feet so
God Bless Georgia and the Deep South.

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