Thursday, March 26, 2009


When everything seems to be going wrong, hold on. Everyone seems to have the same story, just different versions. The car goes in the shop, the same day we get a notice from the IRS, just after the floors are finished. We are moving back in half our house and I do not feel we got to breath before other challenges start.

Thankfully, the car seems to be working well for less money than we were told. Still working with the IRS, they claim small disability income is taxable. This is the small stuff.

When you seem to have difficulties, one after the other, realize you are not alone. I do not know anyone who is on "easy street". We must remember our blessings, if you have a spouse, children, friends, home, job, car, electricity, food, and many more. Be grateful you are alive to have challenges of life.


Shattered said...

Hang in there! You are wise to remember your blessings. If everyone could keep your perspective, we would all bee in a better place.

Polly said...

Well said, Sweetie! Life is not easy all the time but when we face those challenges, we seem to find a strength we did not even know we had. I have so many health problems I have been unable to work for some time, so I understand. I get so tired I can hardly hold up my head and can't do much so blogging has helped me a lot.

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