Sunday, March 8, 2009


After a long upheaval in the house, all the new floors are finished. When you seem to think it will not end, hang on, better things are ahead. On February 16th our house had a large amount of water damage, the end was March 5. That is a very short time to be inconvenienced, but it did seem like forever. Be patent and wait, it will be over. It is not easy but I now have a beautiful new floor. I would post a picture but I cannot find the camera after looking for days.

Today was the end of an exhausting week, baby shower, cleaning the house, one of my sister's visited from Chattanooga, I cannot begin to name everything. Have you ever been so tired that you couldn't think? I know many people have been. Don't quit trying to push on, it will all work out in the end.


Fred Schwartz said...

Hi Kimberly,

I get a google Alert every day with news and blogs that mention Multiple Sclerosis. That's how I came across yours. I too have MS, diagnosed in 1994. For over 5 years now, I've been a volunteer with an exciting MS research organization called the Myelin
Repair Foundation. One of my volunteer roles is simply to let people know about MRF who might be interested in the work they are doing. If you want to check them out, you can at

I like your positive attidude. When I had to stop working full time because of my MS, and my inability to walk any more, I went through a period of depression and withdrew from life for a period. I often tell people now how important a positive attitude is when living with chronic illness. For me, the depression was even more disabling than my physical symptoms.

Best Regards,
Fred Schwartz

LisaG said...

Great to hear you got your floor completed.

I know what it's like to feel tired. I have a full time job, two toddlers, housewife duties - it can be overwhelming sometimes. But when I feel I can't cope I just take a rest. There is only so much one person can do.

I hope you find your camera, I would love to see how your floor looks.

Polly said...

Hi Kimberly. I like the picture of the beaver dam. It brings back memories, I sometimes wish I was still back in the sticks, driving 20 miles to get to a store!

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