Wednesday, February 18, 2009


When things start out tough, keep on going. We started to cancel our anniversary trip to Callaway Gardens when we woke up to our home flooded. A pipe broke as we slept and filled the kitchen and more with water. We dried as much as we could and called our insurance and left. They are taking care of our blessed home and we are so happy we went to the gardens.

It was beautiful, even in the winter, riding, walking on the trails was so nice. It was a day to remember and we could have stayed home with many difficulties. Next time, go ahead and go, when you just want to stay in.

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Jerry said...

Yes! One of my most loved and hated words is "persevere". I love it because when you get through difficult times you always come out stronger. I hate it because sometimes those difficult times can be,...well,... difficult. :)
Thanks for being a blessing to your readers.

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