Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I was awarded this by a blogger Momma Young, in Nevada. I do not think I deserve it, but I accepted it, so that means something. I appreciate all comments, readers, followers. I am not a journalist but the blogging world has given a lot back to me. I want people to think positively, under whatever circumstances they are in. My theme and post I like the best is Grattitude.
The Mom that gave it to me is remarkable with 4 boys under 12, I do not know how she has time to think with her full life, but it is worth it.
I will not let this fill me with pride just appreciation.

THANK YOU MOMMA YOUNG (I could not find her real name)



MommaYoung said...

You do deserve it. Thank you for being an inspiration. :o)

Jerry said...

You definitely deserve it! You've obviously touched someone's life--making the world that much better. Congrats!
-jerry (

Stuff could always be worse said...

I am passing this award to Jerry On Life and How to Achieve Genuine Happiness. These are inspiring and uplifting.

Go to Momma Young's @ home to get instructions, or just click on the award picture and you should be able to copy it to your blog.

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