Wednesday, January 28, 2009


My question for myself the past few days is, When do we get too busy to enjoy life? I have been starting my EBAY store, stocking it, shipping, etc. and it is a lot more work than I wanted. I have to make this work, we need some income, with our jobs. I am not alone feeling like I am in a whirlwind, but we need to enjoy our life before it is too late.
I don't want to look back and see a lot of work for material things when helping others is my passion. We are tricked by trying so hard to achieve our dreams that we might end up missing them. Let us be grateful for having the energy to be busy, a home and transportation, knowledge, eyes to see, fingers that move, the opportunity, etc. You get my point.
Check out my store, I need advise on what to stock, I am trying to keep prices low so I can help others in my situation.

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LisaG said...

You are so right Kimberly. A lot of us get life in the way of actually enjoying it. We have to work yes, but life was meant to be enjoyed. As you said we have to be thankful for what we have.

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My mission is also to help people. I enjoy it. I hope you enjoy the article.

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