Sunday, January 25, 2009


Here we go again, My husband might lose his job again. We have been going through this learning process for 4 years now. He had a very good job, then new managment let everyone go. Long story short, he has been climbing the school teacher's ladder since then. They are laying off teachers state wide and he is at high risk, but we will not know until further in the year. We see this as God may want him to get a better job since he is working two jobs to surive.
I know we are not alone, many people are loosing their jobs also, but this too shall pass, I feel such a peace knowing the Lord is in control. I am so Thankful that I have been living in my dream house for 6 years, I have a great family, I have wonderful friends in Georgia and the internet world, I get to see and hear the beautiful nature, to end, I just have too many blessings to name!

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Anonymous said...

Everything happens for a reason and if your husband does lose his job, you are right...God has a plan for him..and a good plan I'm sure :-) Keep smiling and sharing your gratitude with us! It's a scary world out there right now with the way the economy is, but I think a lot of people are finding gratitude and more happiness in the things that are happening. I know I did find more happiness and less stress with being laid off.

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