Wednesday, May 27, 2015

World MS Day

 World MS Day

As a long timer living with MS (35 years) I am so happy to see all the progress that has been made with Multiple Sclerosis!

The amount of treatments are mind blowing to me since I had no treatment for the first 15 years.

I was at my worst when a nurse would have to drag me out of the bathtub in 1993 (which still makes me thankful that I can shower standing with grab bars).....then I started the interferons that came out in 1994!

My MS has been in remission ever since then!  I am even walking now with the use of a walker which is miraculous to me!

I have lived my dream, married for 30 years with two wonderful young adult children and a grandson now!

Just living an ordinary life with all its ups and downs!

Don't give up hope!  



Sandra said...

so happy for you and all the millions who suffer with MS.. and glad they have found and are still finding more treatments..

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello greetings and good wishes.

Very inspiring post Your writing instills confidence and courage.

Just living an ordinary life with all its ups and downs! has a great message.

Best wishes

Elephant's Child said...

World MS day had passed me by. I was diagnosed in our own MS Awareness Week.
Yay for being able to survive, and indeed thrive, despite the MS monster.

sprinkles said...

You're an inspiration for others with MS!

Small Kucing said...

Am glad that you are doing okay now. :)

Ellen said...

Oh my, you are another hero in the post .. 'BRAVE IS WHAT HUMANS DO'.

My blessed day to have stumbled upon your blog through Joseph Pulikotil's 'A Man On The Move' page.

God bless you.


My Odd Sock said...

Well said. We can only do our best, pushing & striving for small victories each day. Thank you for sharing yours!
Happy day to you as well.

DUTA said...


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