Friday, May 14, 2010

A Lazy Dog!

Life as a lazy dog, easy laying around.  Do not we wish we sometimes we had this life?

Just looking through pictures and found this lazy dog, behind the flowers.  We love this horse big dog.  He is lazy!

Maybe we take too much, care of our pets.  We should remember needy people need care also.


Blommi said...

Now following from FF. Have a wonderful weekend :)

Rebekah said...

Hi, I am a new follower from Friday Follow!

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Mayra,mommy to Pooh Bear said...

Thanks for coming by. =)

so true. sometimes we care too much.

PS. love the tile of your blog. it's a great quote to live by.
Have a great weekend!

Pam said...

That is true. Sometimes we care more for our pets than for others. He is a cute lazy dog though!

Pam said...

Also, following you now!:)

Velvet Over Steel said...

Aww.. that is so true! I love your outlook & blog. Found you through FF and so glad I did. I write a lot about my struggles and challenges my Asperger son has and still encounters. While looking the the progress too! :-)

♥ Fanged Faerie Girls ♥ said...

Well, I think a lot of people don't care enough about their pets, so people that care a bit too much (I think that is impossible imo) just make up for it.

Overall I have to say people that care, just care, whether it is for animal or human. To turn a blind eye to the suffering of any creature is the sign of an apathetic person.

Like, how the abuse of animals often correlates to the abuse of people. Ones woh care do, ones who do not, don't. I realize that is a bit off topic but, jsut my 0.2 cents. :)

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