Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Life's Unfinished Symphony

Life is an unfinished symphony,
building and growing,
stumbling and slowing,
striving to set the right tone,
joining with others whose lives touch our life
since a symphony cannot be played alone.

With each new day the symphony continues,
quietly singing,
stridently ringing,
varying as each day goes by,
with some passages that seem ponderously lengthy
and others that joyfully, lightly fly.

Life’s symphony can be filled with beauty,
always improving,
incredibly moving,
following the Conductor’s directing,
the symphony of life, with prayerful obedience,
the Master is slowly perfecting.


Carol said...

This is so inspiring. Everyday is something new and at time exciting and sometimes painful but we do get on and learn to live with all.

Deborah Ann said...

So true. A symphony cannot be played alone...

Julie said...

Thanks so much. You always have such encouraging posts!

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

How beautiful! I am so thankful the Master isn't done with me. Thanks for sharing!

Karen said...

Loved this....

christy rose said...

That was beautiful! I love being a part of a symphony. I am not ever interested in going solo!!! :)

A Quest for Cents said...

This was reaaly a great post. Loved it. Thanks for stopping by!

Tiedye Trish said...

I was just clicking around, Alicia the Snowflake is a friend of mine, and I just moused over and MS popped up. I have been diagnosed since '94, been married 24 yrs., live in GA and have 2 kids. Just thought I'd drop by and say Hi! Sometime I'll tell you my it could be worse story. :)

The Caffeinated Globe said...

"Life is an unfinished symphony." So true.

Georgia said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 50 is cool.
When I turned 50 (5-3/4 years ago, but who's counting?) I wanted to "celebrate" so I joined the Red Hat Society. It was fun for a while and allowed me to celebrate my half-century with women of similar silliness. You seem to have a beautiful family with whom to celebrate!
We have a few things in common: I too have a 30-year old diagnosis. I'm in metro Atlanta and live alone with a dog partner.
I have volunteered for the GA Chapter occasionally; I have attended self-help groups in the past; I even trained for months to be a peer support counselor/Friendly Visitor! That being said, I now find myself in a "down" period of low energy (or high fatigue, same thing); mildly depressed and falling into bad habits that are uncommon for me (poor sleep; poor nutrition, etc).
I did not write to complain: I wrote to say I discovered your pretty pink BLOG (a little flowery for my taste, but CHEERFUL!!) JUST at the right time. You did cheer me, and I will follow your blog when I need some "pinking up!"
This IS temporary and I'm not off the deep end or anything. Just one of those "ruts" that will pass soon. I *am* an Optimist! Just a tired one...
Best BIRTHDAY wishes and have a great year!!!
Joy in GA.

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